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Katy Green Pool Cleaning

For most Katy pool owners summer is off to a great start as the temperatures make a great excuse to spend all weekend pool side but for other pool owners there hopes of weekend fun splashing in your backyard pool has came to a halt because of an unclean pool or worse a pool that resembles a swamp! Warm weather, sunlight, lack of circulation in the water, are all reasons why algae blooms are more common during the summer months but your not without hope!

If you are a do it yourselfer follow our these tried and true pool cleaning tips from the experts at Katy Swimming Pool Cleaning Service to ensure the fun never stops because of cloudy water or an algae outbreak!

Tip #1 Stop Pool Algae Before it Starts!

Prevent Green Pool Water

There are three things every pool owner must do to prevent green swamp water from wrecking their weekend. The first thing way to prevent algae in the pool is to keep your pools chlorine levels above a 1 ppm. Algae can only grow when the waters just right so to prevent monsters in your pool from growing into a colony make sure the chlorine levels stay low and then either enlist the help of a Katy pool cleaning service or make sure you weekly scrub the walls and floors of the pool and invest in a good algaecide. We recommend Clorox Pool & Spa Algaecide as this is safe for both inground and above ground pools and will remove cloudy water and if you do have algae, it will stop them dead in their tracks to prevent an algae bloom that will put your pool out of use for days. If you are using an algaecide, make sure to not overdue it so read and follow the suggested guidelines. You will find most pools only require 18 ounces for every 10,000 gallons.

Pool Circulation Helps Your Pool Stay Clean

Your Katy pool cleaning also needs to include weekly emptying the debris from your pools skimmers and basket. Another note to remember is to never use chemicals through such as chlorine strips or disinfectant through a skimmer. Chlorine strips are highly acidic which can actually algae in your pool or worse pool repairs as running granular chlorine through the skimmer can cause the pump impellers to erode. Instead, when you need to add granular chlorine, simply measure the chemicals, and pour them into a bucket then mix them with a wooden spoon until they are dissolve before pouring them around the perimeter of the pool.

Filtration System

Th filtration system of your pool is very important, in keeping your Katy pool cleaned, The filtration job is to remove small dirt, dust, and particles from the pool. The most common pool filter is a sand filter, but this type of filter is the less effective at keeping your Katy pool cleaned as it only removes debris down to a 20-micron allowing dirt and algae to enter into the pool, this is one reason our Katy pool cleaning service recommend keeping your pool water pristine to invest in a

r. A DE filter short for diatomaceous Earth filter has the ability to keep particles as tiny as 1 micron out of the pool making them the most effective filter on the market. While they cost slightly more, they are a worthwhile investment.

Katy Pool Cleaning FOR Green Water

If you happen to be reading this and you woke up almost overnight to a green pool and are unsure of what to do don’t feel alone, many pool owners have had to fight a green pool and while there is no water fairy that can wave a magic wand and make your green pool water disappear quickly you can get through this! While we recommend contacting a local Katy pool cleaning service who has the experience and knowledge to help you get your pool back on track if you decide to go to war alone with these green swamp monster, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Step #1: remove all debris from the pool walls, floors, and baskets- don’t worry it always looks worse before it gets better. Then if after you stir everything up you can see the bottom of the pool you want to vacuum out the pool- be sure if you cant see the bottom due to a heavy amount of debris to call your local Katy pool company for help before clogging up your skimmers, filter or worse the pipes that run underground.

Step #2: Once the pool is vacuumed and all the derbies is removed you need to adjust the chemicals in the water, if the chemicals are out of range you are going to be fighting an uphill battel.

Step #3: Shock the pool -generously! You can’t overdo it, the more shock you add the clearer things will turn towards your favor. Our recommendation for pool shock is liquid as this works faster in our opinion and use the algaecide along with the shock for even better results. Remember it can still take a couple of days for the water to completely return to normal. Once you have shocked the pool you want to turn on the filter and backwash 3 or 4 times a day. Green pool water can clog up the pool so you need to keep a constant eye on it, this is one reason we recommend working with a Katy pool cleaning service who can attend to the pool creating as little disruption to your normal routine as possible.

Side Note: Another reason we recommend using a DE filter is for such instances as these a DE filter takes less than half the time to clean your swimming pool than a sand filter.

Once your pool water has turned back to clearer conditions there is a chance you will notice the pool bottom still has debris and algae so you will want to take the vacuum and reclean your pool to keep your filter system from becoming clogged.

Does cleaning a green pool require more time and effort than you have available, then call Katy best pool cleaning service for affordable, quick, and reliable service. Katy swimming Pool Service has over a decade of experience and offer free pool cleaning quotes in Katy. We look forward to working with you! In addition to serving Katy we also offer green pool cleaning and weekly cleaning in Missouri City, Cypress, and across greater Houston.

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