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Katy TX, Pool Acid Washing 

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Does your pools plaster look faded and dull? Before you replaster your pool allow Katy Swimming Pool Services to make your pool crystal clear again with acid washing. Sometimes your pool requires more than scrubbing to remove stubborn, hideous stains from the plaster pool walls, that’s where we can help. If your pool has stubborn stains but the plaster is still good, then consider a professional acid wash. 

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First Acid Wash

What Is Acid Washing?

Many swimming pools can become stained and even disfigured from things such as rain, pool equipment, and particles of metal from screws to bobby pins that when left in the pool cause hideous rust stains.  Over time your plaster will also fade from UV rays and harsh pool chemicals. While some pool companies suggest replastering the pool to make it look new again, we provide acid washing that is less extensive and costly, to return your pool to like-new condition at a fraction of the price.  Why spend your free hours in the hot sun handling dangerous chemicals when you can leave the hard work to our experienced and trained pool cleaners at Katy Swimming Pool Services

Chlorine Bath vs Acid Washing

Generally, when you have a pool that has turned green your pool requires a chemical bath that like acid washing requires draining the pool water.  Then we perform a chlorine bath, using gallons of chlorine not muriatic acid A chlorine bath will kill the bacteria and disinfect the pool but it will not remove stains so if you have stained your pool must be acid washed. The best way to prevent your pool from turning green on staining is with weekly pool cleaning. 








Our Deep Cleaning Pool Process

Acid washing your pool is a tedious chore that no Katy homeowner wants to attempt themselves. This involves many steps done over the course of one to two days. When we acid wash your pool, we will start by completely draining the water from the pool then removing any debris from the bottom of the pool such as dirt, dust, and sand that skimmers don’t remove. Next, we create an acid solution that is half water mixed with muriatic acid.  In some instances, if the stain has been left on the plaster for a considerable amount of time, we have to use a stronger solution to restore the plaster to its original color. Using the acid solution, we pour it down the sides of the walls of the empty pool small sections at a time so we can methodically scrub every surface of the pool including the walls and bottom with a brush before power washing. Depending on the condition of the plaster we may have to repeat the process two or three times before the stains are lifted. Since acid washing only takes off the top layer of the plaster you can have this process done multiple times before having to replaster the pool. On average your pool's plaster will last 15 to 25 years even with routine acid washing. We recommend having your pool drained every few years and pairing it with acid washing so your pool continues to look fresh and clean providing you years of memories.


Benefits of Acid Wash Pool

      Deep stains that a chlorine bath cannot remove.  

      Your pool has stubborn stains including hard water, magnesium, rust, and calcium. 


      Your pool has black or green algae that are uncontrollable.


      Your pool is faded or dingy but the plaster and tile don’t need to be replaced yet.  


      Your pool looks like it was taken over by green monsters.


Does your pool need a makeover, call Katy Swimming pool services at

The only way to completely remove algae stains to their roots is with professional acid washing.


Is it time to deep clean your pool contact Katy Swimming pool service for fair and upfront pricing!


Katy Pool Acid Washing Service

When you can not see the bottom of your pool or you tired of dirty chemical stains on your pool walls call Katy Swimming Pool Services. Our professional team has experience draining pools and trained in the application of chemicals. We wear appropriate clothing and mask for our personal safety when working with harsh chemicals.

While many do it yourselfers may attempt to acid wash their pool this is not a service you want to attempt yourself as it can damage your pool's surface if done incorrectly. Furthermore, we take great care in containing the acid solution to ensure your Katy property is safe. When you contact our team, we will safely restore your pool or spa by exposing a clean layer that makes your pool new again. We can acid wash both plaster and pebble tec exterior surfaces and were fully licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind.  When you work with our team you can expect:


Not sure if your pool needs to be acid washed, contact us today to discuss the condition of your pool. In addition to offering acid washing, we also offer weekly cleaning, maintenance, and pool repairs in Katy TX, and the entire Fort Bend area including Cypress and Houston.  



Just have a look at our latest customer reviews to see why so many Katy pool owners choose us.

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Jimi is on top of everything with my pool, including pool school.  He has been an outstanding person to work with and pays immaculate attention to details. We are lucky to have found him to repair our pool equipment and teach us how to take care of our pool correctly.


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Contact Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, today at

281-392-6821 to discuss if Acid Washing is right for your pool or to schedule our pool services in Katy, TX.

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