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Pool Service Richmond TX

Call our team at Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, for reliable pool equipment repairs and installation in Fort Bend County-


Pool pump won’t come on? Suspect your pools leaking? If you need pool equipment repairs in Richmond, TX, look no further than Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC. We are a local, leading pool repair and pool cleaning company with over ten years of experience.

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Full Service Pool Company

There’s no pool problem we can’t solve and no pool equipment we can’t install. Our most popular pool repair services in Richmond TX include:

         Pool pump

        Pool Automation


        Pool Heat pump

Pool Filters

Salt water pool 

UV pool System

ozone pool

Just look at our 5-star customer reviews to see why we’re the top choice for pool equipment services in Richmond TX.

The department of energy now requires that all residential and commercial pools pass a certain horsepower rating to meet the efficiency threshold, the only pool pump that currently fits this mandate is a variable speed pool pump. Even though variable pool pumps are now being required there are many other benefits that a VS pool pump provides for homeowners in Richmond TX.

Lower Electric Bill: Pool pumps don’t have to run 24/7 to keep your pool water clean. They allow Richmond homeowners to use less energy (u to 70%) saving around $1000 a year on their electric bill.

Improved Water Clarity: Since the pool pump is circulating the water all day this makes the water more crystal clear.

Runs Quietly: Since the pool pump is not running continuously this reduces the noise-making swim time a time of serenity and peace.

Generous Warranties: In addition to a one-year warranty we offer a 90-day labor guarantee, safeguarding your investment.

Convenient Controls: One of our favorite features of a variable speed motor is it can be controlled automatically, simply set the schedule and let the pool motor pump run on your schedule.




Get in touch with our team today to learn more about updating your pool pump to a variable speed energy efficient pool motor pump. 

Reliable Pool Cleaning for Residential Pool Owners in Richmond TX


If you are a Richmond homeowner who is fortunate enough to have a backyard oasis outfitted with a swimming pool, routine cleaning is essential to keeping your pool sparkling clean, refreshing. and enjoyable. The key is staying on top of it which with a busy lifestyle can be a real challenge, this is where we can help. Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC is Richmond TX most hassle-free solution. We remove the chore out of owning a pool so all you have to work at is planning your next pool get-together.

Our qualified swimming pool contractors will inspect, clean, and adjust the chemicals to keep your pool balanced, ensuring you won’t have problems with your pool water anytime soon. If your pool has lost its efficiency or is beginning to require frequent repair, we can also help you select the right pool equipment from pumps to filtration systems, timers, even pool lighting. We install and repair all major brands including:





 $25 OFF


Ready To Dive In?

Our Katy Pool Service Techs

Are Ready To Help!

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This is the third summer we have used your service. We have truly enjoyed having it as it has taken a lot of worry out of proper maintenance of the chemicals. The service personnel is very dependable.

- Robert


Pool School for Richmond TX Pool Owner


Do you enjoy taking care of your own pool but would like a little training to make sure you properly equipped with the right knowledge to do so? Taking care of your own pool allows some Richmond pool owners to feel more involved in their investment however most people wreck their pools before reaching out for help from a pool professional. If you want to learn how to take this daunting task of cleaning your pool and have fun with it let us help with our “Pool School” training. Our training class is designed for the do-it-yourself-type person. During this class, we will our licensed and trained pool professional will come out to your home to teach you the following skills to care for your Richmond residential pool:

  • Test your own pool water, know the chemical parameters, and how to make corrections for perfect pool water balancing. The proper type of test kit to use...

  • The proper way to “dose” your pool with chemicals.

  • The proper way to safely store pool chemicals.

  • Methods of properly vacuuming your pool and the best vac head and hoses to use. 

  • Proper brushing techniques and best types of brushes to purchase. .

  • The cleaning of the skimmer, pump baskets, and pool cleaner debris bags.

  • Inspection of your pool equipment and what to look out for to avoid costly repairs. ” What’s that weird noise coming from my pump?”.  

  • Know your “O-rings”. There are O-rings in your filter and pumps that require replacement to keep this equipment from leaking.

  • When it is time to upgrade or replace your pool equipment. Don’t wait until this equipment fails. Be proactive.

  • Are your swimming pool's electrical components “up to code”. If not, how to rectify it.

  • Is your swimming pool safe for bathers? Do you have little children? Are the access areas to your swimming pool secure? Do you need safety fencing?  



Call for The Best Pool Service in Richmond

Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, is the preferred pool cleaner and pool equipment repair and installation company in Richmond TX. We have provided quality pool services since 2010 and go above and beyond to ensure that our customers get the most efficient pool equipment and solutions possible.

Our professional and courteous technicians, same-day service guarantee, lengthy warranties, and upfront pricing are just some of the steps we take to make sure our pool services in Richmond are second to none.

TDLR Licensing.

Residential Appliance Installation Contractor #959

Residential Appliance Installer #405205


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When you choose Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, you be assured your pool is in the right hands and will keep your pool look great year around. Call us today at 281- 392-6821 for service in Richmond TX

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