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Sealy TX Pool Cleaning & Repairs

To work with the leading chlorine and salt water pool cleaning company in Sealy TX  – contact us today!

Get ready summer is just right around the corner and as temperatures heat up the family is ready to enjoy their pool, or are they? If you haven't recently had your pool clean or February storms caused you to need pool repairs, we can help get your pool in swimming condition.  

Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, serves Sealy pool owners with only the most energy-efficient pool equipment from Jandy, Hayward, and Pentair that's guaranteed to lower your electric bill and all of our services are at competitive prices with other pool companies in and around Sealy TX so whether you need pool repair or equipment repaired or replace you can depend on our licensed and insured team to keep your pool in pristine shape. 

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Top-Quality Cleaning & Repairs & for Smart Sealy Pool Owners

As a leading local pool repair company, Katy Swimming Pool Services offers the leading brands of pool equipment for sale and we also have the knowledge to maintain all types of pool equipment including pool pumps, filter repairs, pool timers, and more. Whatever you need to be done to your pool, we are your one-stop Sealy solution. Major brands we offer include:






Contact us today to have us troubleshoot your pool problems before summer. We’re happy to evaluate your equipment and recommend repair, tune-up, or energy-efficient replacement if necessary.

We Make Sealy Pool More Energy Efficient


Dark Color Pool Finish

Your inground pool is exposed to gallons of water, harsh chemicals, and Cypress outdoor elements such as harsh winds, storms, and years of usage. But what good is a pool if it’s not being used! If it’s time to have your pool replastered before choosing plain white, consider making your pool more energy efficient by choosing a darker color to absorb the sun's UV rays and use that to heat up your pool naturally.

At Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, we offer pool resurfacing including:

  • plaster

  • pebble

  • aggregate

  • quartz

  • tile finishes


Upgrade your Pool Motor Pump: There is no secret that variable speed pool pumps decrease your energy usage by up to 70% lowering your electric bill by around $1000.00 a year as compared to single speed pool pumps.


Optimize your Plumbing: If the pipes are not the proper size this can make your pool pump work more aggressively. Free-flowing pipes rather than winding and curvy pipes will reduce the strain and consequently your energy usage.  Also, make sure that any clogs are removed, and your pipes stay cleaned out.


Use a Pool Heat Pump vs Heater: If you want to keep your Cypress pool open in winter, spring, summer, and fall then you want to find a more efficient way to keep your pool water comfortable. Since Cypress temperatures do not dip as low as Northern states having a pool heat pump works ideally while saving you energy and money

Larger Pool Filters: Another way to make your pool more energy efficient is by investing in a larger pool filter so the pump doesn’t work as hard. Not only will it drop the energy consumption you use but will prolong the lifespan of your pool motor pump.

LED Pool Lights: Just like Christmas lights, you can also have your pool lights improve your pool's electricity usage and overall lower the cost of operating your pool.

Schedule your pool repairs today to keep your energy costs low and make your pool sparkling clean.











Need Weekly Pool Cleaning? Look No Further, we offer pool packages for every budget.

Sealy All- Star Clean Team

At Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, our team offers quality pool repair and installation services across Sealy and Fort Bend County. While anyone can become licensed we have taken our knowledge a step above the rest and become certified to give our customers the peace of mind that when they need pool cleaning or repairs their working with the best pool service company in Sealy TX. 

What you can expect from Katy Swimming Pool Services: 


   Background-checked service techs

   Same-day service

   Fair pricing

   Convenient scheduling

   No mess left behind.


Get A Home Inspection For A New Home Your Considering in Sealy    (281) 392-6821

 $25 OFF

Any Pool Service

Sealy TX

Ready To Dive In? 

Our Sealy Pool Service Team

Is Ready To Help

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We just switched to and are so happy we did. They do an amazing job on the pool! He's very thorough and when he leaves the pool looks fabulous.

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Having problems with your Sealy pool? Don't wait until summer repairs them today!

Call Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, at

281-392-6821 to schedule your pool repairs or weekly cleaning service 

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