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Has your pool water turned from clear blue to green? If your pool has been invaded by green monsters that make your pool look like a swamp, we can help. Green pools are more common than most Fort Bend County pool owners believe because while pools are enjoyable, they require routine maintenance. As with all home maintenance, the best defense against a green pool is a good offense. One of the benefits of hiring Katy Swimming Pool Services for your weekly pool cleaning is our service is designed to greatly reduces the chance of algae in your pool. Katy weather such as wind and rain can carry algae spores into your pool and when the chlorine level is too low and the pH in the pool is too high or low algae can grow and thrive turning your clean pool into an eyesore and breeding ground for mosquitoes. Over the past eleven years, Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, has restored hundreds of green pools to their original clear and clean condition. When it comes to green pools, we have seen it all, and regardless of how bad it appears our team has the knowledge and experience to work with you to ensure your swimming again soon.

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Common Algae Found In Katy Swimming Pools

There are three types of algae found in pool water yellow, black, and green. While all three types of algae are alarming most Katy pool owners have green algae. Green algae are not harmful but the bacteria feeding on the algae can cause skin rashes or bacterial infections that can make a swimmer extremely ill. Green algae if left untreated can also cause minor damages to your pool and pool equipment. Since green algae grow quickly, we recommend contacting us as soon as you notice there is an issue. If your pool has yellow algae it's slower growing but more difficult to eliminate than green algae. While green algae float, mustard algae cling to the walls and pool floors. The most common cause of yellow algae is when your pH or alkalinity of your pool is not balanced correctly, or your pool is covered in debris, pollen, or phosphates. In Houston's hot and humid climate yellow algae is not all that uncommon and since it does not have the green pigment by the time you spot it, the algae have been growing for days or weeks and is not easy to destroy because it is chlorine resistant. Yellow algae can also get into your pool's equipment such as plumbing, pumps, and filters as well as toys and swimsuits.


The third type of algae found in pools is black algae. If you’re a Katy pool owner who has black algae this is the most dangerous of all pool algae because it’s actually not algae but bacterium. The way you get black algae in your pool is when someone took a swim in Galveston ocean (or pond and lakes) and then wore the same swimsuit without washing it and jumped in your pool or tossed a pool toy into the pool that had black algae spores on it that were not washed off.  At the early onset of black algae, you will notice black specks resembling dirt at the bottom of your pool. The black specks come off the unwashed pool toy or swimsuit and grow from a spec to a pool outbreak. Black algae can not only grow along the pool floor but into the plaster of your pool causing structural damages. Black algae are almost uncontrollable so treating a pool with black algae requires extensive work to return the pool to normal. In the meantime, it can pose a health risk if you attempt to swim in your pool.

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While discovering green, yellow, or black algae in your pool is not good news, we have the solution no matter how bad the algae we can restore your pool back to its clean and clear condition. When you schedule an appointment with our trained and licensed pool specialist, we will come insect the pool to determine which type of algae your pool has, and the extent of the algae infestation to create the best plan of attack. The treatment for green and yellow algae is to remove all items from the pool and disinfect the pool by shocking it if the first shock is not sufficient, we will keep shocking the pool. Then we methodically brush the algae from the surface and vacuum it out. We will also chemically balance the pool including the pH and alkalinity as balanced water will help the shock work more effectively.  When we shock your pool, we will use more than we would during a typical shock treatment and brush the algae aggressively so the shock will destroy the algae from every nook and cranny on the pool surface. We also run the pump and filters for 24 hours until all the green and yellow algae is destroyed. Once the pump and filter have run for the day, we will return the next day to backwash the pool and if necessary, shock it again repeating the process until there is no trace of algae left in the pool. We also vacuum again to remove any remaining spores. Lastly, we treat the water with an algaecide. While the algaecide will not change the pH balance of your pool it will support the shock stopping algae dead in its tracks so that your pool remains clean and clear. Since algae are likely to revisit your pool in the future, we also suggest our customers consider investing in a saltwater chlorine generator. While a salt water chlorinator is not a substitute for pool maintenance algae will not survive in a saltwater pool if it is chemically balanced. Furthermore, a saltwater chlorine generator also makes the water softer and more comfortable to swim in. 

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Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, has been providing pool owners a safe and healthy swim environment since 2010. Our customers trust us because we prioritize customer satisfaction and are dedicated to offering superior services including algae removal, acid washing, and weekly pool maintenance for Pool owners from Katy to Brookshire into Houston and Cypress. We also offer pool remodeling and repairs for in-ground and above-ground pools. When you work with us you can rest assured that your pool will be in the best hands possible and be serviced by a true pool professional.

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Is your pool green or has it been invaded by algae in Fort Bend, TX? Choose Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC. Call us today at 281-392-6821 to start swimming again soon.