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If your pool tiles are breaking or causing your pool to leak, you need a pool contractor you can count on—and that’s Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC. Our professionals provide quality ceramic, stone porcelain, glass, clay, and classic pool tile installation and repair services in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas.

We have over a decade of experience, and our licensed, insured contractors can work on pool tiles of all types. We also clean them with low-pressure mineral blasting to remove unsightly stains. Our team prides itself on reliable, prompt, and friendly service. Get in touch today to get your backyard oasis looking its best.

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Signs Your Pool Tiles Need Repairs

Chipped or Broken Pool Tiles

The main cause of broken or chipped pool tiles is the pool has shifted which could be a warning that your pool has structural damages. The second reason for chipped pool tiles is your pool's exposure to dryness and UV rays. Whatever the cause your pool tiles need to be repaired so the pool not only looks its best but is safer for swimmers who may brush up against the cracked surface risking injury.


Missing Pool Tiles

When pool tiles are missing for areas of the pool this can leave your pool exposed to damages and larger, more costly repairs.  Most missing pool tiles are due to wear and tear usage of the pool, or poor tile installation. However, it could also signal that your pool is improperly draining or has shifted.


Missing Grout


If the grout comes your classic pool tiles may need to be repaired. When grout crumbles it leaves an opening between your pool tiles that left untreated can trap debris.  Need Grout Repairs – no problem, we’ve got you covered.

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Our Pool Tile Repair Process


When we repair your pool tiles, we want to make sure your swimming pool beauty stays in tack, we work hard to blend the old tiles into the new tiles so that it's aesthetically pleasing. While many pool projects are fit for a DIY person, pool tiles are best left to a trained professional.

We start the process by removing any chipped or broken pool tiles, separating a chipped tile from a perfectly good tile can be tricky. Once the base is cleaned from dirt, debris, and old grout its ready for retiling. We align the tiles to ensure they are precisely matched to your existing pool setup. Once all the tiles have been replaced and the grouting is finished our Katy TX pool professionals will clean your pool tiles so any debris from having your pool tiles installed won't dirty up your swimming pool.


Already settled on updating your pool tiles? Call us today for the biggest selection of options in the greater Houston area.  


Pool Tile Repairs vs Replacement

If you’re having frequent issues with your pool tiles or if they are more than ten years old, it might be time to consider having your pool tiles replaced. Likewise, if they are starting to look faded or take away from the beauty of your pool area consider enhancing your pool beauty by replacing your poo tiles. At Katy Swimming Pool Service these are just guidelines, we recommend having us come out to look over your pool area before you make the call. Sometimes if pool tiles are breaking, other factors are at play. For instance, beam damage. In those cases, a pool renovation may be required to resolve the problems regardless of the issue we ensure we will offer you a more cost-effectively solution to remedy the problem as quickly as possible.


Katy Pool Tile Replacement Options


Glass: Over the years Fort Bend County pool owners have fallen in love with glass tile, and while their price point makes them the luxury tile for your pool, they are the longest-lasting option. We offer several options of glass pool tiles to choose from some of these tiles can cover the entire pool surface completely while others come in various colors making glass tiles a true work of art.

Stone Pool Tile: For nature enthusiasts, our stone option may be the ideal choice for you. These tiles blend in to compliment your patio or deck. When combined with sandstone or travertine pool coping you will have a pool that’s picture-worthy.


Ceramic and Porcelain Pool Tile: If your budget savvy but want a pool finish that stands the test of time and offers flexible choices this may be the ideal pool tile to accommodate your needs. Both ceramic and porcelain pool tiles come with plenty of options in texture and color choices.

Pool Tile Sizes: Choose from the size of the pool tile you'd like, we offer 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, and larger to

make sure you get the perfect style and size give your local Katy pool service company a call today.





















Houston Pool Grout Repairs


Missing Grout

There are two main reasons for missing grout one is that your pool's pH level was too long for an extended period of time and the second is the grout is not as strong as when it was first installed. When this happens air, bubbles get into the crevices between the pool tile and the substrate. This small crevice can amount to rather significant issues from algae outbreaks to cracked tiles or tiles that completely pull away from the concrete. If you notice these issues or that your grout has become dingy or is splitting, then it’s time for pool grout repairs.

Replacing Pool Grout

If you’re a busy pool owner who would rather spend your weekend relaxing in the pool than the tedious and time-consuming process of repairing pool grout, our team is here to help. Call us today for a free quote rather than rushing the process and causing more significant repairs to your pool. While repairing the grout yourself may seem more cost-effective than hiring a pro those savings can be gone quickly if the pool tiles have to be replaced because the grout was poorly installed. Whatever you decide if your pool grout needs repairs don’t prolong the process as when grout and tiles go missing algae spores can develop rather briskly or the pool tiles can become brittle and crack. When you need a pool professional on the case quickly contact Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC.


Before Replacing Your Pool Tiles


Do you simply need help securing your loose pool tiles before you invest in replacing your tiles?  Whether the grout is missing or loose, it can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of pool tile repairs or installation. The end result is that your pool grout will be even and completely seal the opening to make your pool protected and look great. For pool grout repairs, contact us while vetting other companies as we may be able to offer an easier fix. We offer pool grout repairs for both commercial and residential customers in Fort Bend County, Cypress, and Houston




Houston Pool Tiles

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Why Work With Us?

No matter what’s wrong with your pool tiles, our skilled team at Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, can fix it—and if we can't, we'll be honest about it and provide recommendations for a reliable replacement. Your safety is our top priority, and we want to ensure that every pool owner in Fort Bend County has a safe and enjoyable pool.

All our products come with manufacturers and labor warranties. We often provide same-day service and get the job done with no mess left behind so you can start swimming again soon.



When you work with Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, you expect nothing less than the best pool tile service from repairs and replacement to pool tile cleaning in Katy, TX. Call us today at 281- 392-6821

No matter what is wrong with your pool equipment, our team can fix it. In over a decade as a pool company, we have seen it all. However, if the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of replacing the equipment or if your equipment has expired, we may recommend a new installation. You can count on us to always be upfront offer you other alternatives you may not have otherwise considered. 

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