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Pool Cleaning Service Houston

Leave the Hassle of Pool Cleaning to Us! Contact Katy  Swimming Pool Service, LLC to make your swimming pool sparkle

Swimming pools create an instant backyard “Oasis” but to get the most enjoyment from your inground or above ground pool you must routinely maintain it as you would other components of your home such as your roofing system. Just as your roof can add up to costly repairs your pool can as well, and most pool owners simply don’t have the time or want the hassle of keeping their pool in perfect swim condition. Without proper pool maintenance, you can face unnecessary cost health risks and safety hazards not to mention turning your pool into a cloudy puddle of water or a slimy green swamp. Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to be concerned with is when to take your next dip in the pool instead of learning chemistry and spending hours researching This is where Katy Swimming Pool Services can help. With our weekly pool maintenance programs, we remove the hassle of being pool owners so you can spend your time swimming in the pool not cleaning it! Our well-trained, experienced and certified pool professionals have been cleaning pools in the Katy and Fort Bend County area for over a decade and can undertake every aspect of your pool maintenance whether you have a chlorine or a saltwater pool, an inground or above ground pool.



When you entrust us with your pool maintenance to our reliable crew you will save time and effort knowing that your pool is a source of enjoyment not another project on your “honey do” list.


We offer three weekly maintenance packages for our clients to choose from:

$25 OFF

First Time Customers

Ready  To Dive In ?


Our Katy Pool Service Team

Is Ready To Help!

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Chemical Package

Weekly Service


Our trained pool professional will test your water levels.


We will add chlorine, tablets and adjust pH, alkalinity parameters as necessary.


Detailed report and recommendations.



Our chemical package is the ideal package for Katy pool owners who want to clean their pool but don’t want to learn water chemistry. This package removes the hassle of keeping your water balanced so that your pool stays healthy.

Gold Package

Weekly service


Our well-trained, licensed, and certified pool professional will test your water levels.


We will add chlorine, tablets and adjust pH, alkalinity parameters, as necessary.


We will clean out all baskets including pump baskets, skimmer, and pool cleaner, and debris bags.


Brush all the pool surfaces including perimeter tiles.

Our package pricing depends on the size of your pool, features surrounding the pools perimeter such as spas, rocks and waterfalls as well as landscaping features such as trees and shrubs. Our packages includes all chemicals and minerals in addition to cleaning and pool maintenance.

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Platinum Pool Cleaning Service- Algae Free Guarantee 

Check the water level: When you hire our team, we start our weekly service by checking the level of your water to ensure it’s not too high or low. When your water is too high it can prevent the skimmer(s) from pulling floating debris. When the water level is too low, the skimmer will draw air causing the filter pump to lose prime and run dry. Pumps that run dry seriously reduces the life span of the pump. If you are away from home for an extended period of time and do not have a pool water autofill, we will ensure proper water levels for you. Pool water auto fills are inspected as well. 

Inspection of Pool Equipment. We inspect all pool equipment to ensure optimal efficiency. No standing water should be on or anywhere around the pool equipment pad. This is an indication of a leak. When we find deficiencies in your pool equipment, we will report it and make recommendations. Any required repairs are noted, quoted, and sent for your approval.


Brushing: We brush all surfaces of the entire pool including perimeter tiles to remove the debris and bio-film off the walls to prevent accumulation. Biofilm attracts algae.  



Vacuum Pool: Each week we vacuum your pool to collect smaller debris the skimmer does not catch so that your pool floors stay in pristine condition.

Clean Baskets: We check and clean out the debris from your pump basket, skimmer, and pool cleaner debris bags. We take the time to ensure pool cleaners are operating properly. Pump and skimmer baskets may fill up quickly and will inhibit pool circulation and filtration, causing less clarity in pool water.

Filtration System: We thoroughly inspect the pool filter I.E. DE (diatomaceous earth) cartridge or sand filters. DE or Sand filters are backwashed as needed. PSI is noted in the report. High PSI is an indication that the filter needs to be backwashed or cleaned. DE and cartridge filters require cleaning at least once before the season or more, depending on the number of debris that gets into the pool. Sand filter media usually lasts about 5 years.

Deck Area: Our team will make sure to check your deck for any sign of green, yellow, or black algae that could present a safety and health risk. We also check to make sure your pool tiles, grout, and coping are in good condition.  


Chemical Check: Some Katy pool owners prefer to do this daily, but it’s not required. When you hire us for your pool maintenance, we check your water chemistry to ensure it is consistent with the LSI (Langelier Saturation Index). LSI is an indication of properly “balanced” pool water, which prevents scaling of pool equipment and corrosion and staining of the plaster. We ensure that your sanitization, pH, and alkalinity parameters are within standards set by the APSP (Association of Pool & Spa Professionals) and the NSPF (National Swimming Pool Foundation).   

Test Salt Levels: We will test the saltwater levels which most salt cell manufacturers recommend to be between 2700 PPM and 3400 PPM. Since chlorine is generated by electrolysis, low salt levels prevent the salt cells from generating FAC (Free Available Chlorine). Low or no FAC puts the pool at risk for algae infection and increased bacteria levels in the pool. Excessively high salt levels risk damaging your pool's equipment. Salt Cells must be cleaned every three months.


Monthly Pool Maintenance Checklist


A healthy pool must have sufficient levels of cyanuric acid (stabilizer), FAC (free available chlorine), TA (Total Alkalinity) and pH levels. Since Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric acids are usually stable, we monitor these levels once every month and adjust accordingly. High CYA levels are caused by the constant use of stabilized tablets, which increase the CYA levels year after year. Excessively high Cyanuric Acid and Calcium Hardness levels drastically affect Ph and TA and require the pool water to be drained, refilled, and rebalanced. TDS (total dissolved solids) also increases year by year. “Total dissolved solids are a measurement of everything that has ever dissolved in your swimming pool water. This includes minerals that separate from your pool chemicals, such as calcium and sodium, and every bit of dissolved dust, pollen, swimmer waste, algae remain—everything![1]. Swimming pool water should be drained, refilled, and rebalanced every five years.

Check Calcium

Once a month we check the levels of your calcium to ensure they are in the recommended range of 200 to 400 ppm. When your calcium isn’t correct the pool can become cloudy. Pool water is very “active” and demands calcium at 200 ppm. The water It will get it from the pool plaster and grout between pool tiles if calcium levels are too low, causing corrosion, pitting, and staining of plaster surfaces. Any metals in the pool such as pool light frames, ladders, and stainless-steel screws will become darkened and corroded.


Monitor Cyanuric Acid

We make sure your CYA is between 30 to 80 ppm. If the CYA levels are excessively high, this will cause chlorine lock, rendering your chlorine useless. Since CYA is acid-based, it will have a negative effect on Ph and TA. Since there currently is no chemical on the market to reduce excessively high CYA levels, the pool must be drained and rebalanced.

CYA protects the chlorine molecules from burning up in the UV rays of the sun and protects them from high water temperature. If the CYA is too low or non-existent, there’s no protection of the chlorine molecules making your pool vulnerable to green slime (algae) and bacteria.   


***Algae Free Guarantee***

We are so confident in the quality of service we provide we guarantee your pool will remain algae-free, if for any reason algae is discovered in your pool, we fix it at our expense, no questions asked!


Choose the Leading Pool Cleaning Service Houston and Fort Bend County

For pool maintenance in Houston, look no further than Katy Swimming Pool Services. We offer in-ground and above-ground pool maintenance. Residents in Houston and Fort Bend County have taken advantage of our reliable pool services since 2010. When you choose our company, you can rest assured your pool is in the capable and reliable hands of a true pool certified and licensed professional. Give us a call today to discuss which pool package is most suitable for your needs. Need saltwater pool maintenance we offer that as well. In fact, we do everything but install the pool. Call us today and enjoy your pool without the time and hassle of pool maintenance.

Call Katy Swimming Pool Services today at 281-392-6821 to schedule weekly pool cleaning in Houston or

Fort Bend County. 

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