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Pool Repair Katy Texas

For reliable pool repair or emergency pool repair services in Fort Bend County, call today!


With Houston, TX climate we have many incredible days to swim, a pool that is not in working order can be a problem. If you are having issues with your pool system or equipment, we are happy to help. Katy Swimming Pool Services has provided dependable pool repairs, maintenance, and resurfacing services in the greater Houston area since 2010. We value our customers' loyalty and have always aimed to deliver the best-personalized services at competitive rates. From pool motors and pumps to plumbing and pool filter repairs and everything in between, you can count on us to quickly resolve your inground and above-ground pool issues.

We install and service all major brands including Jandy, Pentair, Hayward, and Raypak, and more. Once we discover the heart of your pool problems, we will provide a thorough report and the most viable solution to repair your pool equipment so your family can get back to a healthy swimming environment

Need pool cleaning to avoid unexpected repairs? Not a problem. We also offer weekly pool cleaning and chemical checks for both inground and above-ground pools.

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Common Pool Problems

Even well-maintained pools can break down occasionally. Some of the most common problems we see here in Katy include:

Pool Motors

Pool Filters & Pump



In-ground Cleaning


System Failures

Plaster & Tile Cracks


Failing Pipes


Pool Chlorinators


Pool Valves


Pool Heater 


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This is the third summer we have used your service. We have truly enjoyed having it as it has taken a lot of worry out of proper maintenance of the chemicals. The service personnel is very dependable.

- Robert

No matter what is wrong with your pool equipment, our team can fix it. In over a decade as a pool company, we have seen it all. However, if the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of replacing the equipment or if your equipment has expired, we may recommend a new installation. You can count on us to always be upfront offer you other alternatives you may not have otherwise considered. 

Here is a sampling of the things we can provide. 


Pump and Filter Repairs for Katy Pool Owners

The best way to cool off on a hot, humid day is a dip in the pool but Houston we have a problem! Suddenly the pump or filter does not seem to be working. This could happen for various reasons such as a dirty pool filter, an impeller clog, or air is in the system. If you have checked your water levels and emptied the skimmer basket and it is still not working, give us a call and we will troubleshoot and fix your pool pump and filter issues in a jiffy. 


Katy TX Pump Motor Repairs and Installation

The heart of your pool is the pump motor, the pump is designed to create water flow so the chemicals can circulate into the filter, chlorinator, and heater. When the pump struggles to work or completely fails then your pool is vulnerable to bacteria and green or yellow algae creating unsafe swimming conditions. If your pool motor needs to be repaired or replaced, then call Fort Bend County, TX trusty pool professionals to provide you with pump motor repairs and installation. If your pool motor is irreparable, we will give you our expert advice to help you choose the right motor to fit your needs and budget, we can also install the new pool motor, so you receive the full benefit of a one-year factory warranty plus we offer a 902-day guarantee on the installation. 

Plaster Repairs in Katy

Katy swimming pool services also offer pool resurfacing for plaster pools. We offer both plain white aggregate, Diamond Brite, QuartzScapes, Pebble Rok, among other pool refinishing to ensure your pool is in the best shape possible, while pools only need to be resurfaced once every fifteen years, if this is your year give us a call for the best prices and most replastering choices in the greater Houston area, visit our resurfacing page to learn more.


Katy Failing Pool Pipes

One of the biggest causes of pool leaks is failing pipes, this includes suction and return pipes and diverter valves. If you suspect your pipes have busted, then please give us a call or visit our pool leak detection page to learn more about the services we offer across the greater Houston area.


Pool Chlorinators Installation & Repairs in Katy

Whether you want to upgrade to a salt chlorinator or your salt cells are not performing correctly, we can help. Saltwater chlorine generators can develop issues over time and must be cleaned every three months. Typically, they will last 7 years unless improperly installed. When salts cells fail, many Katy, residents must replace the salt cell. 


Pool Heat Pumps and Heater for Houstonian Pool Owners

Many pool owners want to enjoy their pool year-round so even on those chilly Katy TX nights they can relax and unwind in their outdoor pool making heaters a great investment, however, we recommend Houstonians to have us install or troubleshoot heaters that have issues. Your pool heater should last for ten years before needing to be replaced but even then, if your heater has issues it can be a fire hazard so do not delay your repairs. To install or repair your heater we are a phone call away.


Pool Skimmers

A skimmer is an important component of keeping your pool clean. Skimmers should be replaced after 20 years of service. If you are planning to remodel your pool deck and the skimmers are 20 years or more old, they must be replaced prior to the deck remodel. Replacing skimmers requires excavation into the pool deck. We do our best to complete the repair in the deck to match the remainder of the deck.  replace a skimmer is quite a chore for an inground pool. This is certainly not a job for a homeowner so when your skimmer needs to be replaced give us a call and we will get you taken care of.



Most Dependable Swimming Pool Repair Katy TX

At Katy Swimming Pool Services, our team offers quality repair service everywhere in the greater Houston area. Our certified and licensed technicians can repair, replace, and upgrade all makes and models of residential pool systems, and we offer generous industry-leading warranties on parts and labor. and a year labor guarantee.  When you choose us as your pool professionals you can expect:

       Background -checked service technicians.

       Same day service.

       Fair Pricing.

       Convenient Scheduling


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If you need emergency pool repairs

Call Katy Swimming Pool Services at 281-392-6821 we offer same day and next day pool emergency repairs in Katy, TX.