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Katy TX Pool Filter Sand, DE, Cartridge

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Is the pressure on your gages reaching 8 to 10 psi? Have you had recent algae bloom treatment or have harmful UV rays diminished the lifespan of your pool filter?  Then it may be time for a new pool filter.  Ignoring the problem can cause repaid growth of algae or additional time and money spent on chemicals and cleaning.  Restore your pleasant swimming environment today with pool filter repairs and installation services from Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, in Katy, TX.

Aside from making your pool water safer and cleaner, our cartridge pool filter services improve your energy efficiency while conserving water, making it cheaper to use.

Wherever you are in Fort Bend County, you can count on us for your pool repairs and maintenance.

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Types of Pool Filters We Offer

At Katy Swimming Pool Services, we offer our customers across Fort Bend County pool filter installation services including sand, cartridge, and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) pool filters. When you contact us, we can analyze your pool to make sure it's outfitted with the best pool filter for your needs and budget. We factor in the size of your pool; frequent usage and how many people will be using the pool.

Pool Filter Sand

The most common residential pool filter for Katy pool owners is sand pool filters because of their affordability and they are easier to clean. Sand filters are backwashed which means the water is reversed. The average lifespan of your sand pool filter if you clean it is 10 years however the sand will need to be replaced more often as it may erode. The downside to sand pool filters is they can only capture dust and dirt as small as 20 to 30 microns making them weaker than a cartridge filter and consequently the water is not as clear as a cartridge pool filter. However, if you’re looking for a longer-lasting filter that is easier maintenance and more economical then we suggest installing a sand pool filter.

Cartridge Pool Filters

These filters are great for family pools but not for commercial usage as they have a lower bather load. While cartridge pool filters provide cleaner water than sand they must be replaced more often which is a chore, so we recommend enlisting our pool filter services. One of the reasons they are so popular with Katy, TX pool owners is they can filter dust and dirt as small as 8 to 12 u particle size, in return, they get dirtier easier, so they need to be cleaned more regally than a sand pool filter.


DE Pool Filters

Looking for a commercial or public pool filter? We recommend a DE pool filter as these filters are the most advanced, automated filters in the pool industry. They can trap debris as small as 2-5 microns. DE filters named after the sedimentary rocks are designed with grids that are coated with DE powder to absorb and filter the water impurities. While DE pool filters can be backwashed like sand pool filters more DE must be added.







Katy TX Pool Filter Cleaning Service


Dirt and debris collect on your filter and over time restrict the water flow throughout your system. If you notice that there is less suction or a decrease in the water flow, then you may need to have the filter cleaned. When your pool filter is dirty debris bypasses the filter ending up back in your pool to create a less than stellar swimming environment. When you book your weekly pool maintenance service, we keep your filters running at their optimal performance. Depending on the usage of your Katy pool we will clean out the cartridge every few weeks. If you need a filter replaced, want to upgrade your filter or need filter cleaning, give us a call today.


Fort Bend Pool Filter Service

At Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, we provide pool filter cleaning, repairs, and installation that ensures your

the pool is the best it can be, and your filter system rather sand, cartridge, or DE offers the best performance possible. Our team has provided dependable services to Katy residents and businesses since 2010. Aside from our dependability and guaranteed customer satisfaction what has made us the leader in pool service for Fort bend County is we work with much different pool manufactures and our licensed and trained technicians can explain and make recommendations about the different types of pool filters we offer. When we install your pool filter you can also have ease of mind that we will not leave until your pool filter is operating smoothly and we have checked your pool for leaks and electrical issues. Our team will also take the time to show you the features of your pool filter and how to care for it properly.

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We are excited to have you make our pool sparkle! This will be our third season with and we want you to know how much we enjoy having you care for our pool. Yall do a great job and Jimi is a good guy!”

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