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Pool Service Sugar Land

Call us for all your residential pool repairs and cleaning needs in Fort Bend County.281- 392-6822

No one wants a dirty pool in the middle of summer—that’s why you need a reliable pool service to keep your swimming pool clean and clear. In addition to weekly pool service, we also offer pool equipment repairs and installation to ensure your pool is running at peak performance. Whether you need swimming pool service, pool repairs, or installation, at Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, we arrive right on time and can solve any inground or above ground pool issue.

Our team of highly trained professionals knows the ins and outs of residential pools. We offer pool equipment from Jandy, Pentair, Raypak, and Hayward to ensure you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best pool equipment and the highest quality of pool service possible.

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Best Pool Service in Sugar Land

Our inground and above ground pool services in Sugar Land, TX, include but are not limited to:

Variable-speed Pool Pumps


Sand, Cartridge, and DE pool filters


Pool Timers


Pool Chlorinators


Pool Lighting

When to Call for Pool Repairs


There are many maintenance issues that Sugar Land residents can take care of without consulting a professional pool company such as Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC. However, there are other swimming pool repairs that go above routine maintenance.  When you need pool repairs you want to know you can call on a reliable pool company who will quickly troubleshoot the issue and get it fixed to ensure larger problems stay off the radar. Some of these pool repairs may e from the age and usage of your pool or others can be from a recent storm or accident that damaged the pool. Whatever the reason if you notice any of these signs it’s time to call your local Sugar Land pool repair company at 281-392-6821


Pool Leaks:  Depending on the location of your pool leak and how extensive the leak is if you suspect a leak call us. Some pool leaks are the result of pool plumbing that requires extensive digging to repair the problem and the plumbing must be replaced to get your pool up and running.


Pump Issues: When your pool pump is struggling to keep the pool clean and algae-free it may be air trapped in the system. When this happens a pool pump can overheat and possibly burn up. The cost to replace a pool pump is more costly than hiring a licensed and trained pool service to repair your pump problems. Furthermore, some pool pump repairs require dealing with electrical issues that can pose a safety hazard so if your pool pump needs repairs give us a call.


Pool Filter Problems: Cleaning or changing your pool's filter falls under the pool services we offer our Sugar Land customers, if however, you are taking care of your own pool and the filter has issues you want to have a knowledgeable and skilled contractor get your filter working efficiently to safeguard your pool from a bacterial or algae bloom. Need weekly cleaning? Give Us a call and sign up with one of three packages we offer Sugar Land homeowners and businesses.


Pool Heater Troubles: Many Sugar Land homeowners want the luxury of swimming year-round, if your fortunate enough to own a gas heater when it is not working on a cold winter night then you’re missing out. In some instances, we may be able to offer our customers refurbished parts for your gas heater saving you some extra cash in the process.




Salt Filters & Chlorinators: Swimming pools require sanitation many of our Sugar Land customers choose a salt filter while others choose a chlorinator. If you notice either are not functioning properly before you take another dip in the pool give us a call. Some warning signs to look, for are your chlorine reading is zero or inaccurate salt readings, dirty salt cells, or salt cells that are malfunctioning or leaking.


Pool Lights: One of our favorite pool accessories is pool lights as they allow us hours of nighttime fun. However, if they go out or stop changing colors give us a call. Other common pool light issues are pool light fixtures that have water inside them or are hanging out of your wall. Let us give you a little peace of mind and get your pool light back on. Need pool lights? We offer the largest selection of pool lights in Fort Bend County.


Pool Timers: If you’re a Sugar Land pool owner whose pool pump. Pool lights or other features are operated by a timer or controls if they are randomly turning off and on or your unable to control them through your phone or smart device it can be a real bummer and can lead to a green pool clean up. Take care of your pool timers quickly by giving us a call and in most cases, we will have you taken care of the same day.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require fast and reliable pool equipment installation or repairs! 

How to Keep Algae Out of the Pool


The best way to keep your pool algae-free is with weekly or bi-weekly pool cleanings to balance water chemistry and maintaining proper sanitizer levels. A sure way to make sure that pool algae don’t stand a chance is with a UV pool system. 



Prevent Algae UV Pool Systems Benefits

UV pool systems are a convenient way to make sure your pool is sanitized and algae-free. Other benefits are they ensure your pool is clear of other harmful parasites including E Coli while requiring fewer chemicals making UC pool systems lower maintenance. While these sanitizing systems aren’t foolproof, they are a great way to safeguard your residential or commercial swimming pool.

If you would like to learn more about how to keep your pool algae-free or for a free quote to outfit your pool with a UV pool system give us a call.


Algae in Pool? Contact Us for Algae Clean Up Services

If you need to get rid of algae fast, then contact Katy Swimming Pool Services for our algae clean-up services. We will come out to your Sugar Land home or business to assess the situation and determine what type of algae is in your pool (yellow, green, or black), and provide the safest most affordable solution to remove algae in your pool. In some cases, this may include:





         Balancing Water & Chemicals


         Shocking Pool


        Pool Draining


        Acid Washing (if staining has occurred)  

 $25 OFF

Pool Service Sugar Land

Ready To Dive In? 

Our Katy Pool Service Team

Is Ready To Help

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This is the third summer we have used your service. We have truly enjoyed having it as it has taken a lot of worry out of proper maintenance of the chemicals. The service personnel is very dependable.

- Robert

Get Your Pool Service with Sugar Land TX Best Pool Company

Whether you need pool repairs, algae clean up or weekly pool service you can count on us to get the job done right. When you schedule an appointment, our technicians arrive on time and provide an accurate diagnosis. We also offer fair and upfront pricing, with no surprises and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job we take on. We promise:

      Fast Turnaround time

      Licensed & Trained Techs

      Industry-Leading Brands

      No mess left behind

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For a pristine pool in Sugar Land, TX, and pool repairs you can rely on, call Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC at 281-392-6821.

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