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Katy TX Pool Tile Cleaning 

For efficient and cost-effective pool tile installation and repairs in the greater Houston area- Call Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, today for superior pool tile cleaning ----- (281) 392-6821

Do your pool tiles have years of calcium and cloudy, white-scale build-up? We are Katy TX's most trusted team for complete pool tile cleaning. We can methodically remove those stubborn stains using state-of-the-art equipment that is not harmful to your pool, pets, or surrounding area with a process called low mineral surface blasting. If your pool needs some TLC, let our licensed and trained pool professionals help make your pool tiles clean as the day they were installed.  

Why Pool Tiles Need Cleaning

Over time, calcium deposits accumulate along with the pool tiles. If calcium appears to be oozing from the grout line of your pool this is due to the surface being improperly sealed. While we can treat this area over time they will reoccur, generally every 5 to 7 years you will want to have your pool tiles cleaned.

Another area where you may recognize calcium build-up is along the pool waterline due to improperly balanced water. When the pH is too high for an extended period of time a white line may be noticeable along the waterline. This is easier to keep maintained by regularly monitoring the pH balance of your pool.   

When calcium builds up this can make your pool look cloudy and over time can permanently damage your pool tiles.

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Ready To Dive In?

Our Katy Pool Service Team

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Quickly and Effectively Pool Tile Cleaning in Houston

The best way to clean your pool tiles is with low-pressure media blasting instead of traditional pressure washing, as this can have an adverse effect. Low-pressure media blasting will not damage the pooled glaze, grout, and pool coping, unlike traditional pressure washing. With our pool tile cleaning services, we will rewind the hands of time and aging that have made your pool tiles look dull and faded.

Our Pool Tile Cleaning Process

Cleaning your pool tile can be a difficult and time-consuming process let our team remove this task from your to-do list. When we clean your pool tiles, we will lower the water in your pool to gain access to the calcium deposits to blast them away. Depending on if the tiles are ceramic, porcelain, glass, or clay we rely on glass bead blasting to remove calcium, and minerals as they do not involve harsh chemicals that can damage the pool or leaves behind harmful residue. Glass bead blasting not only removes calcium and mineral deposits but also chemical residues.

In addition to cleaning the pool tiles, we also offer polishing that provides the tiles a glossy finish and sealant. When we apply sealant, this will prevent calcium build up and coupled with routine brushing can reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the chemical calcium cleaners you have previously used enhancing the appeal of your pool and saving you even more time and money in the long run.



“Usually when something is too good to be true it is… but not with your service. You were everything and more, and the more was savings! You saved me at least $200.0 this last summer.”

Pool Tile - The Leading Pool Cleaning Service in Katy TX


When you need your pool tiles cleaned in Katy TX, look no further than Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC.  Our decade of experience and cutting-edge equipment enables us to clean even the most troublesome of tile stains with ease— When you choose us as your pool company, you can rest knowing your pool is always in the best hands for cleaning, resurfacing, or repairs.   When you choose us as your pool service company, you can expect:

      Upfront- Honest Pricing

      Background Checked Technicians  

       On-time service

       No Mess left behind.

       Fully certified and insured pool contractors


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Need your pool tiles replaced or installed? We can set you up with ceramic, porcelain, glass, or clay tiles. Call Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC today at 281- 392-6821 to schedule Pool Tile Cleaning, Repairs, or Installation in Katy, TX

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