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At Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, we understand that in today's busy world with a hundred things vying for our time and attention, mistakes happen such as forgetting to turn your pool pump on or off. However, these small mistakes can add up to thousands of dollars or cause an algae outbreak, and the money you saved not installing pool timers you’ll spend on chemicals and cleaning,

Leaving a pool pump off or on is an easy task to forget on your mile-long list of to-do tasks especially prior to your summer vacation. A residential swimming pool pump if operated correctly costs over $1000.00 annually but only if you remember to turn it off and on every few hours. While your pool may be cleaner your energy bill will be skyrocket. If that’s not reason enough consider it doing your small part to conserve the world energy. Or do what we recommend and forget the hassle of remembering and have us install automatic pool timers instead.

Katy, TX pool owners receive immediate savings on their next electric bill because a pool timer provides you a way to restrict your pump usage.

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Intermatic Digital Pool Timers

The type of pool timers you choose depends on your personal preference but the most popular amongst Fort Bend County pool owners is intermatic digital pool timers. These pool timers are like the energizer bunny, they keep going even surpassing some of the pool equipment they power however there are intermatic pool timers parts such as the timeclock they may need to be fixed or replaced. If the unit it too old you may even consider having Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC installs a new pool timer.  

Some of the more advanced pool timers have a way to not only automatically control the pool pump but also other features such as pool lights, Christmas lights, and pool fountains. Most pool timers can endure Katy TX worst storms without skipping a beat and other pool timers work well for travels as they can be regulated via an app on your iPhone.  


Katy Pool Timers Source For Sales & Installation

Our team understands the value of having a pool timer, not only do we run a pool company, but we pool owners who depend on our intermatic timers to make our lives a little easier. While pool timers are one of our favorite accessories and time-saving devices if your pool timer needs to be repaired, replaced, or reset you may want to enlist our services. Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, installs, calibrates, sets, and maintains pool timers for all of greater Houston residential and commercial pool owners. We are also happy to help you select the best pool timer for your inground pool. We know there are plenty of choices and it can be a bit confusing so give us a call. 281-392-6821.

In addition to offering pool timers, we also offer a large selection of pool accessories from the ladder to slides and diving boards. Making us your one-stop source for your residential or commercial swimming pool. 


We are excited to have you make our pool sparkle! This will be our third season with and we want you to know how much we enjoy having you care for our pool. Yall do a great job and Jimi is a good guy!”

Do you have a broken pool timer? Do you need pool timers for your Katy, TX, pool pump? Katy Swimming Pool Services is here to help with all your pool repair needs! Call us at 281-392-6821to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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