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Salt Water Pool Maintenance Houston

Leave the Hassle of Pool Maintenance to Us! Contact Katy  Swimming Pool Service, LLC to make your swimming pool sparkle

Do you currently own a saltwater pool or want to convert your chlorine pool to saltwater? Katy swimming pool services, LLC offers inground and above-ground saltwater pool maintenance in the greater Houston area. Our experienced team will ensure your saltwater pool stays in pristine swimming condition so all you have to worry about is planning your next pool party.  

Our Salt Water Pool Maintenance Checklist

Have you decided to save time and money by enlisting a professional salt water maintenance team? While most new pool owners are excited to own a salt water pool and think they’ll save money by maintaining their pool you may quickly discover that doing it yourself might not be the best option for you.  Many Houston residents enlist our salt water maintenance service when a pump goes out or a filter gets clogged because they realize all too late these mistakes that could have been avoided with the help of a licensed and trained professional.

When you hire a salt water pool maintenance team like Katy Swimming Pool Maintenance, LLC, you can trust your getting help from a knowledgeable professional at the highest industry standards. Included in our weekly salt water pool maintenance checklist you will receive the following services:

Check the water level: When you hire our team, we start our weekly service by checking the level of your water to ensure it's not too high or low. When your water is too high it can cause the skimmer to not function correctly and if the water is too low the skimmer will fill with air bubbles as the air is sucked into the line. When this happens, you may need to replace the O-ring. During our cleaning service if your Orings need to be lubricated we do this as well.


Brushing: We brush the entire pool including tiles to remove the debris off the walls to prevent them from accumulating at the bottom of your pool.

Vacuum Pool: Each week we vacuum your saltwater pool to collect smaller debris the skimmer does not catch so that your pool floors stay in pristine condition.

Clean Baskets: We check and clean out the debris from your pump basket, skimmer, and pool cleaner debris bags. We take the time to ensure they are able to do their job adequately. Pump baskets fill up quickly and you will notice when they are full however skimmer lids should also be emptied so they have strong suction to capture leaves, dead insects, and twigs.

Filtration System: We thoroughly check the pools filtration system rather it’s a cartridge filter, sand filter, or diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filter to make sure the filter is pulling water from the skimmer on the walls and main drains to remove dirt, debris, and bacteria (assuming you have a good filter)


***Every 90 days we clean the saltwater filter to prolong replacing the filter and to remove any deposits. If your filters have built up we try to physically remove them and rinse the filter off to remove mineral buildup. 

Deck Area: Our team will make sure to check your deck for any sign of green, yellow, or black algae that could present a safety and health risk. We also check to make sure your pool tiles, grout, and coping are in good condition.  


Chemical Check: Some Katy pool owners prefer to do this daily, but it’s not required. When you hire us for saltwater maintenance, we check your water chemistry remains consistent. We make sure your sanitization, pH, and alkalinity levels are at their optimal performance rate and add chemicals to the pool which can decrease your chance of the pool becoming stained and needing to be acid washed. If necessary, we also shock the pool to raise your “free chlorine” level. Our goal is to make sure that any algae, chloramines, and bacteria in the pool water are destroyed quickly.


Test Salt Levels: We will test the saltwater levels by analyzing the water for metals, cyanuric acid, and to make sure that the salt levels are correct. If the salt levels are too low, this can lead to bacteria and algae. However, if they're too high then you risk damaging your pool's internal mechanisms. 

Monthly Saltwater Pool Maintenance Checklist

Healthy salt water pools must have sufficient levels of cyanuric acid, free chlorine, stabilizers, and pH levels. Since calcium and cyanuric acids do not change as frequently, we monitor these levels once every month and adjust accordingly.   


Check Calcium

Once a month we check the levels of your calcium to ensure they are 200 to 400 ppm. When your calcium isn’t your saltwater pool can cloudy. When the calcium is too low it can erode the tile grouting and impact your pool's plaster by pitting the walls and bottom of your pool as well as causing pipes, ladders, filters, and screws to become corroded.

Monitor Cyanuric Acid.

One misconception about saltwater pools is they don’t require cyanuric acid but to prevent the sun rays from absorbing the chlorine making the pool vulnerable to contamination the CYA needs to be between 30 to 80 ppm. If the CYA levels are too high it causes a chlorine lock, rendering your chlorine useless. When this happens, your pool must be shocked with non-chlorine shock

Choose the Best Salt Water Pool  Pool Maintenance Team in Fort Bend County


For any saltwater maintenance need for your inground or above-ground pool in Houston, TX looks no further than Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC. Residents in the greater Houston area and Fort Bend County have taken advantage of our reliable pool services since 2010. When you choose our company, you can rest assured your pool is in the capable and reliable hands of a true pool professional. 

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“Great sales and service. Jimi and the rest of the team are very friendly and knowledgeable about swimming pools. And very clear about what services they were doing each week. They converted my pool to a salt water pool and take excellent care of maintaining it."


Cynthia T.

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Let Us Take Care of Your Backyard Paradise!

Katy Swimming Pool Services is

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Commonly Asked Questions about Salt Water Pool Maintenance


Should I take care of my own pool?

While inground and above-ground saltwater pool maintenance can be tempting to a DIY pool owner this could lead to damaging your pool. We recommend attending our pool school to learn to properly care for your pool so that you extend the life of your saltwater pool, or turning to an expert saltwater pool specialist who is licensed and trained.


How much does saltwater pool maintenance cost?

The cost to maintain a saltwater pool varies depending on if the pool is in-ground or above ground as well as the size of the pool and how many gallons of water it holds. We also have to know if the salt water pool has features such as a deck, fountains, or a hot tub that need to be equated into the cost of your salt water maintenance package so we can budget the cost of the chemicals we need to use to maintain your salt water pool. Maintaining a salt water pool can be expensive even if you do it yourself you should know upfront the cost of owning an inground or above-ground pool prior to committing to your backyard oasis.

What are the benefits of an above-ground salt water pool ?

There are a few benefits to turning your above-ground pool into a salt water pool, the first is pool maintenance is simpler. Salt water pools still require some chlorine but it's minimal which also makes the pool water smoother so that your family doesn’t have red eyes or itchy skin.  Chlorine water is abrasive and also more expensive in the long run. If you would like to cover your above-ground pool into a salt water pool we woud be happy to provide you a competitive price. 

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