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Pool Leak Detection Houston and Fort Bend County

Extensive pool leak detection for drought and water-conscious pool owners with the longest warranty in Harris and Fort Bend County.


Pool Leak Detection 

At Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, we provide pool leak detection services designed to ensure the pool leak is found immediately and repaired to save water and money. We offer leak detection to residential and commercial pools in Houston, Cypress, Katy, and throughout Fort Bend County. We can provide same-day or next to same-day services and our licensed and insured pool technicians are always friendly and on time.

If you have or suspect you may have, plumbing leaks under your pool contact us today!

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In addition to checking for leaks in the plumbing, we also check there are no leaks around skimmers, wall fitting, side drains, and structural cracks.

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Warning Signs of Leaking Pipes

     Low water levels

    Dirt on the bottom of the pool

   Cracks in your pool decking or paving.

   Using more chemicals than normal

   Water puddles (when it’s not been raining)

   Wet spots in your yard on the side of the pool 

   Signs of clogged sewage and drainage pipes

“Usually when something is too good to be true it is… but not with your service. You were everything and more, and the more was savings! You saved me at least $200.0 this last summer.”




Take the Bucket Test


When a Katy pool owner contacts us our first piece of advice is to perform a bucket test to save you money and determine rather your pool is losing water because of evaporation or if there is a more significant issue that is causing the water to leak out.

Simply place a 5-gallon bucket from your nearest Home Depot on the second step of your pool add a heavy rock and then add water to the bucket. Once the water level in the bucket aligns with the water level of your pool cut two 1-inch pieces of electrical tape one for the inside of the bucket the 2nd piece goes on the outside even with the pool's water level. Now turn off your pool pump and come back in 24 hours to see if the water in the bucket and in the pool has decreased by the same amount, if so, you likely do not have a pool leak. The water your loosing is likely from evaporation. However, if the water level in the pool is significantly less then you likely have a leak. You may want to test once with the pool pump on and once with it off to see if this is the cause of your pool leak.

Once you have determined through the bucket test that your pool does have a leak you want to call a leak detection expert who can come out and pinpoint where the leak is and determine the best course of action to repair the leak.  There is also pool dye which can help you determine if there is a leak.

Our Pool Leak Detection Process


Pool Plumbing Leaks

Once you have performed the bucket or dye test and believe you have a leak the best thing you can do is call a leak detection company. At Katy Swimming Pool Services understands the importance of detecting a leak quickly and uses state-of-the-art technology to make sure we pinpoint the leak correctly. When you schedule us to come out, we will arrive on time and conduct pressure and vessel testing before recommending the best way to alleviate the problem. We ask that your pool water be as clean as possible to easier spot the leak. Before our team arrives to your Katy resident please remove leaves, grass clipping, and debris from the surface. To find out if there is a pool leak due to plumbing, we close off the orifices of the plumbing to build up pressure to see if there is a broken line. Normally we pressure test for 20 minutes at a 20 PSI to ensure the test results are accurate. If we find that a plumbing line in your pool has broken, we can locate it using a sonar device to listen for air and water that is managing to escape in your underground pipes. We may also use other methods to locate broken plumbing. If you have a leak in the plumbing system this can be difficult for most Katy homeowners to find and repair as most pool plumbing is housed underground.   Most pool plumbing lasts 15 to 20 years however one of the biggest causes of pool plumbing leaks is that your pool was installed with a straight pipe instead of installing a pool return pipe with a 90 bend. This will almost always cause a leak in the future. Once we discover the pipes are broken, we will give you the best solution for replacing your pipes. 

Katy Pool Leak Repair-Longest Pool Warranty in Houston

If our team discovers a leak, the next step is to quickly fix the issues to stop your pool from losing any more water. Our certified and licensed poo technicians have years of experience in pool repairs and will remove the hassle from pool repairs with as little disruption to your home and family as possible. When you hire us for your pool repairs, we will guarantee our work with a 2-year leak detection warranty.



Two ( 2) Year Leak Detection Warranty

At Katy Swimming Pool Services, we offer our customers around the greater Houston reassurance and peace of mind with our two-year leak detection warranty if we do the repairs, should you do your own pool repairs or hire another company we only warranty the leak detection for a year. Once we have pinpointed the root of the leak, and you enlist us to do your pool repairs we warranty our services for a full 60 days. Our only request is should your pool continue to leak after we have repaired the issues to contact us right away while your pool leak detection is under warranty.


Pool Leak Detection and Pool Repair Services

As Harris and Fort Bend County’s leading leak detection and pool service company, you can count on us to ensure your pool leaks are discovered and fixed quickly. Aside from pool repair services for leaks we also repair pool equipment, pool, and structural repairs. Our technicians are professional and polite, and we offer upfront pricing on all our services.

No matter what’s wrong with your pool tiles, our skilled team at Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, can fix it—and if we can't, we'll be honest about it and provide recommendations for a reliable replacement. Your safety is our top priority, and we want to ensure that every pool owner in Fort Bend County has a safe and enjoyable pool.

All our products come with manufacturers and labor warranties. We often provide same-day service and get the job done with no mess left behind so you can start swimming again soon.



When you work with Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, you expect nothing less than the best pool tile service from repairs and replacement to pool tile cleaning in Katy, TX. Call us today at 281- 392-6821

No matter what is wrong with your pool equipment, our team can fix it. In over a decade as a pool company, we have seen it all. However, if the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of replacing the equipment or if your equipment has expired, we may recommend a new installation. You can count on us to always be upfront offer you other alternatives you may not have otherwise considered. 


Contact Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, today at

281- 392-6821 if you think you have a pool leak or to schedule pool leak detection anywhere in the greater Houston, TX area. 

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