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Katy pool owners have relied on chlorine as a part of their pool maintenance, but it has its fair share of issues such as chloramines. As a professional pool company, we suggest Fort Bend County residents who own inground and above ground pools make the switch to saltwater pool system. While saltwater pools are NOT chlorine free instead of adding chlorine to your pool on a weekly basis a saltwater pool system creates natural chlorine that is superior to chlorine you can buy from your local pool store. Saltwater pools prevent algae and bacteria while eliminating microorganisms. Another reason Katy pool owners are making the switch is to create a healthier swimming environment.  The biggest issue pool owners have with chlorine pools is traditional chlorine tablets cause issues such as skin and eye irritation, when the pool is converted to saltwater the chlorine levels are more stable, in fact, they have the same salinity of as your tear ducts which is why opening your eyes in a saltwater pool doesn’t burn and it removes the bleachy smell of chlorine that stings your nostrils. In addition, saltwater pools also require less maintenance than traditional chlorine pools as the chlorine tablets do not need to be replenished.

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Salt Water Pool Conversion

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Houston Saltwater Pool System Installation  


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There are many systems available some will streamline the process, while other systems may be more evasive, requiring the pool to be drained. Anytime a pool needs to be drained you want to enlist a pool professional as this can be a financial disaster. When you drain a pool, the pool may float, or the shell may crack. At Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC we will work with you to ensure you have the right saltwater pool system installed. We will also make sure the water's chemical components are perfectly balanced. If you're ready to make the switch, then give us a call to install your new saltwater system at a price you can agree with. In addition to offering saltwater pool system installation, we also offer saltwater pool maintenance

Saltwater Pool Maintenance Checklist

Whether you have an inground or above ground salt water pool maintenance is required. Katy Swimming pool services provide an extensive maintenance service to ensure that your pool stays in pristine condition.

When you hire us for your inground or above ground salt water pool maintenance your pool will go through our twenty-point saltwater pool maintenance checklist this is a sampling of what’s included in our saltwater pool maintenance package:

              Check the water levels of your water.


             Check equipment for leaks and wear and tear.


             Brush and vacuum your saltwater pool.


            Empty all of the pool's baskets including pump, skimmer, and debris bags.


           Check your pools filtration system and backwash the filters ( add DE when necessary)


           Chemical check including testing the salt levels.


            Rotate and check the pool's valves.



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 When you hire Katy swimming pool services. LLC for your salt water pool maintenance you can relax and swim knowing your pool is in the hands of trusted pool professionals who are trained and insured Each week once we have completed your inground or above ground salt water maintenance service we will send you a detailed report of the services you received and include any recommendations we have, ensuring your pool is in immaculate condition. Give us a call today for upfront and fair price for your salt water pool conversion or for the cost of your salt water pool maintenance at 281-392-6821

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Can I take care of my own pool?

While inground and above-ground salt water pool maintenance can be tempting to a DIY pool owner this could lead to damaging your pool. While there is plenty you can do yourself, if you want to extend the life of your salt water pool, we recommend turning to an expert salt water pool specialist who is licensed and trained.

How much does saltwater pool maintenance cost?

The cost to maintain a salt water pool varies depending on if the pool is in ground or above ground as well as the size of the pool and how many gallons of water it holds. We also have to know if the salt water pool has features such as a deck, fountains, or a hot tub that need to be equated into the cost of your salt water maintenance package so we can budget the cost of the chemicals we need to use to maintain your salt water pool. Maintaining a salt water pool can be expensive even if you do it yourself you should know upfront the cost of owning an inground or above ground pool prior to committing to your backyard oasis.

What are the benefits of an above-ground saltwater pool?

There are a few benefits to turning your above-ground pool into a salt water pool, the first is pool maintenance is simpler. Salt water pools still require some chlorine but it's minimal which also makes the pool water smoother so that your family doesn’t have red eyes or itchy skin.  Chlorine water is abrasive and also more expensive in the long run. If you would like to cover your above ground pool into a salt water pool, we would be happy to provide you a competitive price.