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Katy TX Pool Lights

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Do you enjoy evening swims but get off of work while the sun is going down and find it too hard to swim because you can’t see? Or would you like to add some fun to your next pool gathering then why not enhance your backyard oasis with pool lights from Katy Swimming Pool Services. When it comes to pool lights, we offer the largest selection in the Fort Bend County area. From floaters to solar pool lights, LED pool lights, and even automatic color changing lights to enhance your pool and increase your swim time. Our team also has the experience to install them even on short notice. If your pool party is days away don’t limit your swimming to daylight hours and miss out on the fun that pool lights can provide for your guest.

Here are just a few of our most popular pool light options in the Katy area, have to offer:  

Solar Pool Lights

We carry a variety of solar pool lights for various water levels, some of our solar pool lights can be submerged underwater and attached to the pool walls using screws or magnetics while other solar pool lights are designed to float on the water. Our floating pool lights work with not only inground pools but also above-ground pools and spas. Both types of pool lights are charged in the daytime by the sun's rays and then in the evening, you can enjoy a nighttime swim. Some of the solar-powered lights we carry have an on and off swim so you can shut off the pool light when it’s not in use storing up its solar power light for the next time you want to dive in the pool.

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LED Pool Lights


Much like your Christmas lights, these LED pool lights are designed to last as they use light-emitting diodes to produce the light making LED pool lights efficient, durable, and longer-lasting than iridescent lights for your pool enjoyment. In fact, they can last up to a decade which saves you money in having to replace the bulbs. LED pool lights are also safer because they do not get as hot as many of the other lights you can buy for your pool and their color is enhanced adding more beauty to your backyard.   


Color Changing Pool Lights

We also carry Pentair pool lighting that automatically changing pool lights and is a great addition to any pool gathering. When it gets dark these lights can automatically turn on and provide your pool guest a color-changing light show. Image having your pool become your own canvas to design as you choose fit from pool lighting that’s relaxing to a fun hip party these lights do it all making them the perfect lights for every backyard occasion. These LED lights also consume 50% less energy than most other pool lights and the light beam can be rotated to provide you wide beams or narrow beam patterns.


Houston Best Pool Lights

Pool lights are a great addition to any backyard rather it’s to increase the hours you get to enjoy your pool after work or want to wow your guest at your next pool gathering, we can help by offering you the best selection of pool lights in the greater Houston area. Our trained pool professionals also have the knowledge to ensure they are installed properly.  We have been working in the pool industry for over a decade so you can count on us to deliver quality products at affordable prices. Before your next nighttime swim makes sure you brighten up your pool by calling Katy Swimming Pool Service to create your perfect pool environment.





“Usually when something is too good to be true it is… but not with your service. You were everything and more, and the more was savings! You saved me at least $200.0 this last summer.”

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From simple to spectacular pool lights contact Katy swimming pool services at 281-392-6821 to arrange for a free quote to light up your pool