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Katy Best Pool Resurfacing Company

Call Katy Swimming Pool Services for top-quality pool repairs in the greater Houston area or in Fort Bend County. 281-392-6821

Do you have an inground pool that has years of wear and tear so your surface feels like sandpaper? Or perhaps you had a pool company provide you a substandard plaster job that is starting to weaken the structure of your pool, let Katy Swimming Pool Services help.

We offer standard pool White Aggregate, Diamond Brite Colors, QuartzScapes Colors, Rock Texture Colors that fit your needs and budget.  If this is the year you need your pool resurfaced look no further.

$50 OFF

Premium Resurfacing

Katy Top Pool Service Company

At Katy Swimming Pool Services we’ve provided pool resurfacing for countless homes across Fort Bend County, Houston, and Cypress since 2010 and our experience equips us to complete all types of pool refinishing projects cost-effectively and efficiently.

Before recommending pool replastering, our skilled team will access your property so we can assess the surface area to be plastered. Many other companies will push replastering service when it may not be necessary! If your pool is stained, we may be able to offer you our Acid Wash Service which may be a suitable solution and save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.  Our pool company stays up to date on the latest materials and works with the top resurfacing manufacturers passing along discounted prices and warranties to our Houston customers. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our Pool

Resurfacing services or schedule a consultation.


Signs Your Pool Needs Resurfacing?


When most Katy residents decide to invest in a pool for their home, they choose a concrete/Gunite pool. The reason being is concrete pools has more longevity than fiberglass or vinyl liner pools. Though less expensive to install, Fiberglass or Vinyl Liner pools are easily damaged. Fiberglass may need to be patched, and Vinyl Linings needed replacing thus costing thousands of dollars in future repairs. Concrete/Gunite pools are considerably more stable because they are built on-site as opposed to a fiberglass pool that is precast from a factory. However, while concrete pools last decades they need to be resurfaced every 15 to 20 years to stay in the best condition.

What is Pool Resurfacing?


Over time your pool concrete shell will develop cracks for numerous reasons such as ground movement, we all know the world turns and as it does so does your pool. When this happens, it creates slight pressure on the concrete shell, and for the shell to relieve its stress it cracks.

Depending on the quality of the pool builder, a substandard installation of a pool on shaky underground and lack of proper soil compaction will cause the shell of the pool to move and shift over time.  When a pool shell moves in this fashion, it creates unsightly hairline cracks, crevasses, and craters in the plaster surface.

Another reason to replaster the pool is corrosion and pitting of the plaster surfaces, which develops over time from poorly balanced pool water.


One of the warning signs of a poorly balanced pool is staining. This is a direct result of poor pool water balancing. Another sign is Calcium Nodules. The lack of proper Calcium in the pool water is the cause. Pool water being highly active will get the calcium from the plaster. The Calcium Nodules look like mini whitish blisters on the pool plaster surface. These nodules continue to grow until they cause hairline cracks, then pulls the plaster from the Gunite. The area becomes hollow and will eventually pop or break. When we plaster the pools and check for these air pockets, we chip them out so the fresh plaster fills these craters in.  

At Katy Swimming Pool Services, we have a name for this, spalling.  You will notice flaking and peeling in the plaster, especially around the steps and flooring. Spalling is caused by highly active and aggressive pool water that has continued low PH and low levels of calcium. When spalling occurs, the pool is beyond simple repairs and must be resurfaced. Whatever the reason for the pool cracks to develop when they began to make your pool a safety hazard it’s time to replaster the pool. Another reason to resurface the pool besides cracks is if your pool has stains that acid washing will not remove.

How often does a pool need to be resurfaced?

On average every 15 to 20 years unless your pool water did not properly balance over a sustained length of time. The important thing to keep in mind f you’re a new pool owner is that no pool is immune to problems and the choices you make regarding the upkeep of the pool affect not only the pool's aesthetics but its usability. Pools are one of the costly additions a Houston homeowner can make so be smart with your investment so your pool stays in working condition and replastering can be kept to a minimum.

Resurfacing Cost for Houston Pool Owners

There are various factors that determine the cost of pool resurfacing such as the size of your pool, the materials of your pool, and if you want to use the same material or upgrade your pool from white plaster to an aggregated surface.

For many years white plaster pools have been the only option if you want an inground pool however times have changed, and many Houstonians opt to have us replaster their pool with an aggregate finish such as Diamond Brite, QuartzScapes, and Pebble Type surfaces. These surfaces are the most expensive but last 15 to 20 years under properly balanced water conditions. Most manufacturers guarantee the product for 10 years or more. They are the most durable finishes on the market.

The most affordable way to replaster your pool is using plain white plaster that’s between $3.00 to $6.00 per square foot.


Our next price point is our mid-level aggregate pool refinishing starting at $5.00 per square foot. This comes with white plaster but includes pebbles to offer a nicer touch to your pool than plain plaster.  


Our premium-priced replaster starts at $8.00 to $11.00 per square foot and provides Katy TX pool owners with the smoothest refinish to enhance your backyard oasis. While not everyone wants a Mercedes-priced pool if you want a pool that belongs on a magazine cover our team can make it happen at a lower price than many other Houston pool companies because we pass along our discount savings from the manufactures to our customers.




Why Choose Us?

Fort Bend residents have counted on our experienced pool resurfacing team for consistent and quality pool replastering services for over a decade. At Katy Swimming Pool Services our fully licensed, trained, and insured team can complete your pool repairs with minimal disruptions to your family and home.

Using only the highest quality of materials, we guarantee to accurately resurface your pool with zero complications and stand behind our work with a 100% guarantee. When you call us for your pool resurfacing you can expect:

       Quick turnaround times

       Competent and polite techs

       Upfront, fair pricing

       No mess left behind.

       Industry-leading brands 











This is the third summer we have used your service. We have truly enjoyed having it as it has taken a lot of worry out of proper maintenance of the chemicals. The service personnel is very dependable.

- Robert

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Ready To Dive In?


Our Katy Pool Service Team

Is Ready To Help!

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A Sampling of Resurfacing Choices

Are you ready this year to resurface your pool to outperform your current pool? Call Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, today at 281-392-6821 to schedule your pool replastering in Katy and the greater Houston, TX area

Common Questions About Resurfacing Pools


Why do Katy homeowners resurface their swimming pools?


Some pool owners after having their pool for 10 to 15 years start noticing their pool is aging and may want a simple update or they may want to get the pool to look like a Pinterest post, such as adding a waterfall or spa. Another common reason Katy homeowner update their pool is to save money on their utility bill with energy efficiency.

What are the options for my Katy pool?

The better question may be what’s not as with the advance of pool features you can add salt water generators, automation system, and energy-efficient features such as a pool heater pump, smaller plumbing, or energy-efficient filtration systems.

How can I make my pool more modern for 2021?

  • Waterfalls or fountains

  • Underwater tables and seating

  • Resurfacing with Pebble Tech which is exceptionally durable and comes of choices to match almost any exterior features.  

  • LED or Solar Pool Lights

  • Mosaic Pool Tiles


Call today to discuss all the options of updates we have.

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