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Searching for a trustworthy Pool company in Katy TX, or Fort Bend County? We are glad you stopped by! Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC is here for all your pool service and equipment installation and repair needs–call us at 281-392-6821 to schedule service with our friendly pros.

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Benefits of Working With A Certified Pool Operator 


 Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC technicians are Certified Pool and Spa Operators and Certified Pool Inspectors through the National Swimming Pool Foundation, this means we must pass rigorous training, testing, and background checks. We have proven through completing courses that we know how to manage water problems, water chemistry, chemical hazards, risk reduction, filters and pumps, pool calculations, and more. Undoubtedly, we know how to properly maintain healthy pools for Katy, Houston, Cypress, and Fort Bend County residential and commercial pools. Therefore, it makes logical sense when you hire weekly pool cleaning service or equipment repairs that you hire a CPO such as Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC to properly handle all your pool needs. Any pool owner knows the key to a positive pool experience is to make sure the pool stays in tiptop shape. We guarantee to deliver and maintain a beautiful, healthy pool for Katy homeowners by continued education, staying informed of current changes and mandates in the pool industry, and making sure we have the right tools and teams to do the best job of any pool company in the greater Houston area.


Katy TX Certified Pool Inspections 


While every pool company must be licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, we have taken our knowledge beyond Texas requirements, as a CPA we have been trained in the finer details of pool chemistry to enhance the life of pool motor pumps, filtration systems, pool heater pumps, and structural work. Our Katy pool professionals have the vast knowledge to also assure effective pool inspections. If you’re considering purchasing a home with a pool you want to safeguard your investment by having a certified pool inspector identify safety hazards and other items that need to be repaired before you purchase a home or to use as buying power to have the seller reduce the cost of the home.  Our pool inspections can save hose hunters thousands of dollars by preventing you from purchasing a pool that has been neglected. We will inspect your Katy pool for fine surface cracks to broken and corroded pool equipment because our trained professionals know where to look to identify problematic errors from occurring that a typical home inspector does not.


CPO Tech- Takes Pool Cleaning To The Next Level 



An enjoyable pool should have pristine water for the health and safety of swimmers. As Fort Bend Certified Pool Operators, we perform weekly water chemistry tests and are trained on pool chemistry to comprehend how to treat the pool so it's correctly sanitized and disinfected. One of the biggest causes of biofilm and pathogens is inconsistent water treatment that is invisible to the naked eye this is one reason hiring a CPO is important as not only are we trained in chemistry but also Federal VGBA. When you hire us, you will receive a complete report and the same technician will repeat the pool service.    



Working with A CPO Increases your Katy Property Value

When you hire a CPO, you can rest assured your pool will never tarnish your backyard appeal. Whether you’re a Katy pool owner, homeowner association (HOA), or own a commercial pool you can guarantee that your pool will always be a gleaming gem that boosts your Fort Bend property value. As a certified pool operator, we ensure that our team maintains the highest standards. At Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC we are truly committed to providing the best pool service and offer a 100% guarantee on all our work. Our trained technicians are polite and courteous and will take care of your pool with as little disturbance to your family as possible. There is much work that makes your pool a backyard paradise, most of which occurs behind the scenes so when you need pool service partner with a company that takes training, safety, and a healthy swimming environment seriously and is dedicated to treating your pool with the same TLC we do our own.





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We just switched to and are so happy we did. They do an amazing job on the pool! He's very thorough and when he leaves the pool looks fabulous.

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Are you ready to work with the top Pool service in the greater Houston area? Call your licensed and CPO certified techs at Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC at 281- 392-6821