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Pool Coping & Repairs in Katy TX

Amazing price, with an amazing set of pool coping styles to choose from for Fort Bend County Pool Owners -  

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Do you want to update the look of your swimming pool? One way to bring new life to your dated pool this year is pool coping. This is also a perfect match when you are resurfacing your pool. Pool coping frames the edge surrounding the edge of your swimming pool hiding the steal portions around the walls with a variety of different materials, and not only does pool coping enhance the beauty of your backyard oasis but it assists with the drainage system of your pools so that water floats into the deck drains. By separating the deck from the pool, it gives you a safe skid-proof surface protected swimmer from falling onto concrete or unexpectedly into the water. 

Katy Pool Coping Choices 

Choosing A Coping Style

At Katy Swimming Pool Services, LLC, we bring you an amazing price, with an amazing set of pool coping styles to choose from or bring your pool coping ideas to us. Some of the style choices we offer are:

Travertine Pool Coping


This natural stone is one of the finest pools coping options Katy pool owners can choose as it not only enhances the look of your swimming pool, but comes in a variety of color options, textures, and designs allowing travertine pool coping to compliment any color of deck or shape of the pool. Many customers love the fact that travertine pool coping gives them the freedom to custom design their own look and because this stone pool coping is safe when wet it makes for the perfect pool coping as you enter and exit the pool without worrying about slipping. Depending on the shape of your pool we recommend using travertine bullnose pool coping for round or curvy pools and a travertine tear drop coping for rectangular pools. Other travertine pools coping styles are tumbled and honed because they are softer on the bottom of little feet.  


Pool Coping Stone




Stone is another pool coping idea, our favorite choices are limestone and sandstone as their simply stunning especially for round above-ground pools but just as elegant for inground swimming pools. One of the benefits of using pool coping stones is they lock out moisture and protect the area around your pool. Since pool coping stones are natural, they complement almost any style you’re trying to achieve. One reason Katy pool owners choose stone for their pool coping is they improve the overall value of your pool should you have to sell your backyard oasis.


Safety Grip Bullnose Pool Coping

Just as its name implies it has safety features that make this pool coping a great choice for Katy pool owners who have little ones in their household. Tits bullnose feature has the idea edge for hands to grip the edge making it easy to hold onto while learning to doggy paddle and if you love the look of travertine pool coping bullnose comes in a “travertine finish” as well as clay and brick pool coping.

There are hundreds of selections for pool coping so let Katy Swimming Pool Services help you select the best pool coping materials for your needs and budget.  

Katy Swimming Pool Services we’ve provided pool resurfacing for countless homes across Fort Bend County, Houston, and Cypress since 2010 and our experience equips us to complete all types of pool refinishing projects cost-effectively and efficiently.

Before recommending pool replastering, our skilled team will access your property so we can assess the surface area to be plastered. Many other companies will push replastering service when it may not be necessary! If your pool is stained, we may be able to offer you our Acid Wash Service which may be a suitable solution and save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.  Our pool company stays up to date on the latest materials and works with the top resurfacing manufacturers passing along discounted prices and warranties to our Houston customers. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our Pool Resurfacing services or schedule a consultation.


Pool Coping Replacement in Katy & Fort Bend County

Has your pool coped started to crack and detract from the overall appeal of your pool or become rough and hard to walk on? Before you install new coping check our pool coping replacement options to see if we can restore your pool coping for less.  When it comes to replacing your pool coping this is not a DIY-friendly chore especially if you must replace or rest a few coping stones or your pool is leaking. The best way to know if the pool coping is salvageable is to contact a reliable pool company such as Katy Swimming Pool Services. We can handle many repairs such as loose coping, missing materials, crumbling mortar, cleaning, and re-painting coping stones and if we can’t fix it then we can offer you a fair and upfront price to replace your pool coping. if you reside in the Katy area or anywhere in Fort Bend County, Houston, or Cypress and your thinking of installing or repairing your pool coping, make sure to save yourself time and money by contacting us. Our licensed and insured crew has the skills and knowledge to enhance your pool with a variety of options, styles and to fit within your budget. 



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Pool Coping Stone

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This is the third summer we have used your service. We have truly enjoyed having it as it has taken a lot of worry out of proper maintenance of the chemicals. The service personnel is very dependable.

- Robert

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