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Pool Inspection Houston and Fort Bend Co.

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Are you considering purchasing a new home with an inground pool or spa? While swimming pools can provide countless hours of family fun many new homebuyers have discovered too late that they are in over the head in pool repair expenses before they ever get to jump in. This is why Katy Swimming pool services; LLC offers Fort Bend County house hunters a comprehensive pool inspection. One of the main reasons for a pool inspection is to determine the pool's condition and any arising issues in the foreseeable future. If you have found your dream home, congratulation! Just make sure to do your due diligence and include a pool inspection as part of your home buying process.

Why Should You Have a Pool Inspected?

Katy TX has become one of the most desirable places to live in the great state of Texas however with our sultry temperatures house hunters gravitate to homes on the market that come with a ready-made backyard resort. If the home your considering has a pool you want to have it inspected to protect your assets the same way you have the home inspected because pools can be just as costly as roof or HVAC issues, sometimes even more. While most house hunters would think with the costly repair issues of a pool that a home inspector would add it to their checklist, but don’t count on it. Even if the inspector does, they’re not trained in pools the way Katy swimming pool service technicians are. Our team has a full understanding of the complexity of pools and we are dedicated to making sure that Fort Bend County house hunters don’t get stuck with the hefty and unexpected pool repair costs.


What’s Include in a Houston Pool Inspection 

One of the unique differences besides Katy swimming pool services and other pool maintenance companies is we offer a comprehensive pool inspection. While most pool and spa inspection companies only focus on equipment such as pool motors, pumps, and valves, our detailed pool inspection includes the following factors:


Pool Area: We check the perimeter of the pool for movement as this can occasionally cause structural issues with your underground pipes causing them t crack or separate, resulting in extensive damages.

Pool plaster: We check the pool for crack, etching, scaling, spalling, and delamination as with age plaster can have its fair share of problems.


Pool Tiles: We ensure the pool tiles have no cracked or loose ties as this can be a larger signal of structural issues. 


Coping: We check the pool coping to see if it has cracked or shifted as this can lead to improper drainage.


Drainage: We ensure the pool drains correctly if a pool does not it can result in cracking the pools or damaging the interior lining and surface. In worst cases, it can be a true safety hazard for the pool owner.


Water Supply System:  We ensure there are no cross-connections in the water supply system that could result in health issues,


Pool Equipment: Pumps, motors, blowers, skimmers, filters, heaters, automation such as safety controls and timers, gages, visible pipes, and pool valves including the external bonding of your equipment.


Pool Lighting: We evaluate any pool lighting for ground fault circuit interruptions, conduits, visible electrical components, and more. 


Pool Fence or Barrier: Since 2020 Texas has passed a law that every pool be required to have a barrier rather this is a mesh pool fence that’s removable or a permanent fence such as iron or aluminum.


In addition, we also check the structure of any decks, water slides, diving boards, ladders, and handrails.


When we are finished with our extensive pool inspection you can be assured of the pool condition. While a pool inspection is optional, it’s a process that’s worth your investment. When you hire our team for your pool inspection you will have peace of mind that your pool is stable and functions properly so you can enjoy your new home and its backyard resort.

Why Katy Swimming Pool Services

Katy swimming pool services is the only pool company throughout Fort Bend County that offers such a comprehensive pool inspection. We have provided countless pool inspections in Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond, and Houston for over a decade. As a pool repair, service, and maintenance company we have the knowledge and experience to report the condition of the pool on the day of your inspection so that you have the confidence that the pools physical components are in good shape and that the pool equipment is in working order, which can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected pool repairs. Our trained technicians also take the time to educate house hunters on the basics of purchasing a home with a pool. We are transparent in our approach, so you know both the pros and cons of being a pool owner. We know owning a pool is a source of comfort and enjoyment, but only if the pool is in swim condition. If we discover the pool has issues this provides you bargaining power with the seller. In many cases, the seller is willing to repair the pool or reduces their asking price. Our swimming pool inspection is good for up to 90 days and includes the report as a breakdown of the repair cost for any issues we may have discovered. 

While our clientele is primarily Katy home buyers, we also provide pool inspections for sellers, HOA, and home inspectors.

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Highly recommend this team for cleaning pools, I had an algae infested pool they got er done and suggested ways to prevent future outbreak with a UV pool system. Thanks Jimi

Chris T

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