Hire a Cypress Pool Service VS DIY?

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Becoming a pool owner is one of the funniest ways to enjoy being a homeowner but it is also a large responsibility that many do not consider when having a new pool built in their backyard. To keep your pool clean, bacteria free, and enjoyable you have two choices to hire a Cypress pool service or to do it yourself. Today we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of each so you can determine which is right for you and share some of the best tools every DIY pool owner wants to keep on hand to make sure there off to a good start if this is the route they choose to forgo.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Cypress Pool

No one ever said, “I want to swim in a dirty pool!” however to get the best value of your pool and the most fun a pool must stay in tip-top shape. A pool needs to be cleaned and have the water balanced on a weekly basis to prevent the headache of a pool that loses its value and looks like a swamp. Unfortunately it does not take long for a pool to be filled with dirty water rather from swimmers who can contaminate the water by shedding hair and skin in the pool to chemicals like soaps and detergents and with our rain and wind that stirs us dust and dirt many homeowners feel they spend more time trying to clean their pool and balance the water then actually swimming in it, such is the life of a do it yourselfer pool owner.

Rather you hire a Cypress pool service or do it yourself there is a price to be paid for having a sparkling clean pool, some people choose to pay in denarius while other pool owners pay in the time it takes to keep their pool debris free. Choosing often comes down to which you value most, time or money? However, there are benefits and tools that can simplify things if you choose to go this route. One of the biggest benefits of choosing to clean your own pool is gaining the experience. There is something very satisfying about doing your own pool cleaning. Getting outdoors to work in the sun if your stuck behind a computer or work inside of an office can be a great form of exercise that you may overlook. If you choose to go this route, then have your kids get involved as teaching then to work hard for what they enjoy is a great life lesson. If you are unsure of how to maintain a pristine pool one of the things you may want to do is hire a Cypress pool service for a day to teach you pool school. In pool school you will have a trusted professional come out to your home for a few hours where they can educate you on the operations, maintenance, chemical balancing, and jhow to properly use the pool equipment so that you have all the fundamental lessons necessary for the longevity and health of a swimming pool. During this time, we can even program items that will help you save some extra time. If you are a, do it yourself pool guy then you want to get everything as automated as possible so a great tool to add is a pool timer that will automatically turn your pump off and on without you having to remember. Another great tool is a robotic pool cleaner. There are several on the market but beware most come with a high price tag and require tune-ups and routine maintenance.

Tips for Choosing a Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Best Pool Robotic Cleaners

If you decide to clean and maintain your own pool you want to choose a pool cleaner that is right for your needs and is powerful enough to get the job done sufficiently. Also, you want to know what type of pool you have as buying a robotic pool cleaner is costly and if you do not find one that suits your pool it will be of little to no use. In addition to cut down on the electric cost the robotic pool cleaners use we suggest purchasing a pool cleaner that does not rely on a booster pump. Our top overall choices for the best robotic pool cleaners are:

Dolphin Sigma: These bad boys will cost you around$1400 but will clean the water lines, steps, walls, and algae spores that may get into your pool. These robotic pool timers also have a programable smart timer that is blue tooth compatible.

Polaris: As a Cypress Pool Service one of our go to for many of the pool products we use is Polaris so this is a brand you can trust. Their smart robotic cleaner is around $1300 and is great for inground pools and has a strong suction with a long 70-foot swivel cable. Much like the Dolphin Sigma Robotic cleaner they are Wi-Fi enabled as well as come with a smart app

Hayward: Another brand that we rely on is Hayward and this pool robotic cleaner is a great option if you are in the market to purchase one Haywards Sharkvac is worth your attention as it eliminates dirt, algae, debris and comes equipped with easy access filtration media and smart steering capabilities.

Want to learn more about some of the other robotic pool cleaners, here's a great article from The Spruce you should read.

Advanagteges & Disadvantages of Robotic Cleaners

However, none of these robotic pool cleaners are a substitute for deep cleaning and only solve half the problem, as you still need to balance your pool chemicals. If you decide that you would rather spend your time in the pool laying back and soaking up the sun rays or getting your exercise swimming laps then working on your pool this is where a hiring a Cypress pool service comes in handy.

The Problems with Robotic Pool Cleaners

Price: One of the reasons most Cypress pool owners are turned off by robotic pool cleaners is their steep price, they are not cheap. In fact, when you figure in the cost, maintenance, and care you may not come out much ahead of what you would pay for a Cypress pool service to maintain your pool.

Cable Capabilities: When you are shopping for a robotic pool cleaner you want to keep in mind the distance your pool cleaner must travel so often in addition to buying the cleaner you will also need to purchase an extended power cable which tacks on a few hundred extra dollars.

Misses Debris: Chances are if you are like most Cypress pool owners you have a sand filter and unlike DE filter that can get all those tiny little debris keep in mind that no pool robotic cleaner can get floating debris either. Even with a robotic pool cleaner you will need a reliable skimmer to gather leaves that drop into your pool, and they also have a limited internal filter basket that needs to be dumped often especially in compact models.

Clogs: The wheels and tracks on most robotic pool cleaners can become clogged up with leaves and other debris so you will need to eliminate this by rolling up your sleeves and doing some of the work yourself especially deep cleaning before turning the robot loose in your pool.

Benefits of Hiring a Cypress Pool Service

If you are short on time with all the other items on your honey to-do list then it may not be time well spent trying to learn all the ins and outs of taking care of your own pool or if your someone who spends their day outside and you cant think of coming home only to do more work then necessary taking care of the upkeep of your pool and would rather just enjoy it then perhaps hiring a weekly Cypress pool service company is more in line with your schedule and pool needs, this is where Katy Swimming Pool Services can help best. Let us look at all the benefits that comes with for going this route.

Peace of Mind: When you hire a pool team like Katy Swimming Pool Services it may seem to cost more than the DIY cleaning and chemical route but knowing that your pool is in the best hands to protect your investment and fun is worth its wight in gold. WE have over 10 years of taking care of pools from cleaning and chemical balancing to pool repairs and you can start and cancel services at any time. Most of our Cypress pool service customers hire us on a weekly basis but others choose monthly services or biweekly, its all about what service is right for you and your budget. We offer 3 services to choose from so if cleaning a pool is no biggie but balancing the chemicals and making sure their accurate is where you need help most, we offer a chem check or if you want to be completely hands off you may want to go with our premium package that includes an algae free guarantee. When you hire our Cypress pool service you can rest assured, we will show up on time, provide you with our best care and keep track of everything you need to know about what we are doing and when. You will receive complete reports and if there is a problem that requires pool repairs, we will let you know a fair and upfront price for those repairs.

Pool Equipment Checks

Hiring a Cypress pool service means you have a trusted partner looking out for your investment. We notice small problems when they arise to prevent more costly and extensive repairs. We are equipped and knowledgeable with the right tools and a decade of experience at repairing pumps, filter, and ensuring the motor does not burn out. When you hire Katy swimming pool services you can have a stress-free pool experience knowing your swimming pool is clean, balanced and properly functioning so all you have to do is kick back and enjoy your backyard oasis.

Avoid Pool Algae: If you have ever experienced an algae outbreak then you know this is not only costly but time consuming and many novices struggle to get their green pool water back to its original safe swimming conditions, but all this can be prevented and in fact we have an algae free guarantee that if for any reason algae is discovered in your pool, we fix it at our expense, no questions asked. In addition, when you rely on us to take care of the chemicals you avoid such things as skin and eye irritations caused by the wrong pH levels and avoid tearing up your pool. A lot of problems can be eliminated or at least prevented with proper chemical balancing.

Time and Money: Even if you enjoy certain aspects of taking care of your pool it always helps to have a reliable Cypress pool service to lend a helping hand when needed. One of the ways is with pool leak detection. One of the biggest issues that arises is pool leaks so knowing how to quickly resolve this issue is vital. Another service that many call for is to turn their chlorinated pool into a saltwater pool so even if you want to do your own pool cleaning just know our guys are here whatever you need and will get you taken care of in a timely fashion to save you time and money. Most do-it-yourself pool cleaners will still spend $20-100 each month to keep their pool in good shape.

Cypress Best Pool Service

With over ten years in business, fully certified, licensed, and insured Katy Swimming Pool Service is your ally for your inground or above ground pool upkeep. We offer same day and next day services and have the resources to resolve any pool issues you encounter. Give us a call today for a free quite or visit us online for weekly pool service in Cypress, Katy, Sealy, or anywhere in the greater Houston area.

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