Budget Friendly Pool Options

Now that summer is over, and the fall is here you may want to consider either heating up your pool with one of our pool heaters or you just may want to back away from the diving board and instead dive into the holidays, today we are going to highlight some of our local area friends who can help you switch from summertime fun to the festive holiday season. But first let us share budget friendly winter options in case you want to enjoy your pool a little longer.

Top Three Ways To Heat Your Pool

Solar Blankets: If you want to save on the size of pool heater you need then you may want to consider a blanket, this will help to keep the warmth in and the cool out.

Pool Heat Pump: At Katy Swimming Pool Service we provide some of the best manufactured pumps in the industry including Jandy, Pentair, Hayward, and Raypak. Trying to choose between them can be an obstacle but they all offer a great quality, so it really just comes down to personal preference and find the pump that is the right size for your pool. Remember to program the pool for off season and to only swim during the warmest time of the day to save on your cost.

Solar Pool Panels: if your looking for something that is a little more costly upfront but over time really saves you some money then you may want to consider a solar pol heater, and with our weather this works great!

Now about those Christmas lights, here are our local area friends who can help you out!

Christmas Wonder Lights

If you’re a Katy resident who enjoys all the lights but none of the hassle then turn to Christmas Wonder Lights, they provide complete turnkey service. Included in holiday light displays you will have all your lights, labor, and fun without ever lifting a finger. Visit Katy best Christmas lights and holiday decorator to learn more.

Houston Christmas Lights

If you’re a customer who lives in Houston, then may we recommend Houston Christmas Lights. There approach is a little different, they offer holiday lights, set up and take down but the lights are yours to keep. They provide services around the greater Houston area and even have twinkle that maybe a brand your familiar with if you have pool lighting for all your nighttime swims.

As always we look forward to serving all of our customer through the winter, so whatever you do count on Katy Swimming Pool Services.

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