Tips to Prepare for Your Pool Party

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Pool Party Tips for Katy Local Katy Pool Service

With Independence Day just days away there is no better time for a backyard pool party than this weekend! To have the best pool party in Katy toss some burgers and hot dogs on the grill, stir up some summertime lemonade, and invite some family and friends and you are on your way to celebrating the good Ole USA! However, before having everyone come over, there are a few things, you may want to do to ensure your pool water is clear, so it does not damper the festivities. Let us give you a list for preparing for your July 4th Pool Party.

Katy Pool Deck Cleaning

Before a large gathering takes a dip into the pool you want to make sure it looks its best by cleaning it. Not just as you would on a by removing the clutter around the pool as you do once a week but deep cleaning. Once a year the pool deck should be cleaned and any pool toys that are not being used but can cause mold or mildew spots which can lead to algae spores in the pool, after removing all the furniture and toys you want to power wash the deck to remove all the dirt and grime from the surface. If your deck is stained use a biodegradable detergent that will lift the stains from the porous surface. While you are cleaning your Katy pool deck now would be a good time to make sure the rest of your concrete looks its best for all your arriving guests.

After the pool deck is cleaned check the deck for any damages such as chips or crack around the pool. There are several ways to repair a pool deck including fillers, joint sealant, and patches. If you’re in a time crunch, then do your best to cover up the area and then contact your Katy pool service provider.

Test and Clean You Sand Pool Filter

Before your pool party, you want to make sure you run a test to make sure your pool pump is in the best shape possible. At least 24 to 48 hours before your event you want to turn off your pool pump, the pump is the part of the pool that keeps the water circulating so it stays clean. With the pool pump shut off, you want to look for any pool repairs that need to be done such as a worn-out o ring or seals that may have cracked. This is also the time to clean out the pool baskets.

Side Note on Pool Leaks Due to Pool Pumps

There are two types of pool leaks one is an air leak that is caused when you leave your pump lid loose so anytime you clean out the pool baskets make sure you screw the lid on tightly and make sure the valves are connected correctly. The second type of leak is a water leak. It may be harder to detect pool leaks in Houston due to our hot summers water evaporates so keep an eye on the level of water in your pool and if you suspect a water leak do a bucket test or call out a Houston leak detection company such as Katy swimming pool services that are able to detect water leaks and make sure your pool does not struggle with water lose during the hot summer months.

Pool Lights- A Great Accessory to Every Nighttime Pool Party

While there is sure to be plenty of fireworks lighting up the sky do not forget to add some pool lights to make nighttime swim safe and fun for you and your guest. There are a variety of pool lights you can add including solar pool lights that will not run up your electric bill however most of the lights our Katy pool service company carries are LED pool lights designed to save you money but provide plenty of light time fun so your guest can enjoy swimming when the sun goes down.

We carry a variety of solar pool lights for various water levels, some of our solar pool lights can be submerged underwater and attached to the pool walls using screws or magnetics while other solar pool lights are designed to float on the water. Our floating pool lights work with not only inground pools but also above-ground pools and spas. Both types of pool lights are charged in the daytime by the sun's rays and then in the evening, you can enjoy a nighttime swim. Some of the solar-powered lights we carry have an on and off swim so you can shut off the pool light when it’s not in use storing up its solar power light for the next time you want to dive in the pool.

Before your July 4th Bash Do a Chemical Check

One of the ways to make sure you, your family, and party guest enjoy your next pool party is to clean off the walls, vacuum your pool, and balance the water so that it's crystal clear. If you want your water to be properly balanced, then the day before your summertime party run the pool filter for 8 hours and then run the filter 8 hours after the party to clean out all the debris and keep the germs away.

After Party Pool Care

Many homeowners wake up the morning after their July 4th bash to discover their pool looks like a Louisiana swamp because the chlorine plummeted. It does not take long for the water to turn milky or green when the chlorine reserve runs out and a party is one of the quickest ways for this to happen therefore, we recommend shocking the pool prior to everyone leaving and asking that no one use the pool toys that has been in our local river or Galveston gulf. These pool toys can have what appears to be a dirt spot but can introduce black algae that can make you fight to retrieve a pristine pool for weeks to come.

How To Shock Your Swimming Pool

After the party, you can add a few different types of shock to a pool but be careful shocking the pool too often general once a week is enough that you will not end up with green-tinted hair. The least expensive type of shock is calcium hypochlorite and after eight hours your good to re-enter the pool if you are looking for something that dissolves much faster you will pay more but we recommend Dichlor and its safer to use, Now if you forgot to shock the pool don’t worry simply get some Potassium nonchlorine chock and in less than half an hour your good to swim and enjoy the pool. This is our go-to shock because it can be used at any time since it's non-chlorine there are no issues with the sun. At the end of a party, we add 1.5 cups of Potassium shock to our pool water and go to bed worry-free knowing in the morning our pool will look just as great as it did before everyone arrived.

Thank you to Our Brave Men & Women

The pool guys of Fort Bend wish to thank all our servicemen and women for allowing us to live in the land of the free because of your bravery. In closing, we also want to heed a word of caution because we care about the community we live in, work in, and wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July. While you are enjoying the festivities do so carefully. Fireworks and swimming are linked to many injuries and fatalities each year so be sure to never swim alone or under the influence and that if children are in the pool, they are being constantly supervised. Be safe and enjoy!

Need Help? Call Katy Best Pool Service

Are you short on time before the party arrives but need to have your pool cleaned or minor pool repairs? We understand that cleaning a pool can be a hassle for some residents in Fort Bend County. If you could use the help of a pool service that's local, friendly, and fast offering same-day and next-day service contact Katy Swimming Pool Services. In addition to offering pool services in Katy, we also offer service in Missouri City, Brookshire, Cypress, and throughout greater Houston. Contact us for a no hassle-free quote at 281-392-6821

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