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Is Your Pool Ready for Mosquito Season in Katy?

If you’re a pool owner, then you know when mosquito season arrives at the end of this month to the beginning of June mosquitos are attracted to your pool. Not only do they carry the West Nile virus but are a real nuisance that can rob your summertime fun. Mosquitos are attracted to our weather because of our high humidity, and they also happen to love water. While Katy sprays twice a week we can aid them in their mosquito control efforts. Mosquitos go through four life cycle stages, three of which occur in water aka your pool if you do not stop them dead in their tracks. This summer do not allow these pests to invade your backyard oasis instead try these tips from Katy Swimming Pool Services.

How to Prevent Mosquitos from Overtaking Your Pool

Keep the Pool Flowing

If you have a water feature such as a fountain keeping the water in motion is one way to prevent mosquitoes as mosquitos can not breed and grow in moving water, when you are not enjoying your pool instead of allowing the water to stay still keep your pool covered. Adding a pool cover will keep mosquitos from laying eggs in, near, or around the pool. Since removing the cover can be an irritant itself consider investing in a solar pool cover. Solar pool covers are automatically retractable, and not only aid in mosquito prevention efforts for your pool, but solar pool covers help you not to lose so much water due to evaporation which is a real issue in our area, and evaporation of water will drive up your water bill.

Pool Repairs in Katy

While this is not necessarily a pool repair in Katy repairing your septic tank, cracks is a sure way to keep mosquitos away from uncovered plumbing pipes, cracks in the tank walls, and gaps in the septic tank. If mosquitos can’t get in, they’ll find another place to go hopefully that’s far away from your backyard. Another pool feature or pool repair you may want to invest in is a pool timer as you want to keep your filer running on a regular basis and setting your timer to run the filer automatically for several hours each day. When water is not moving mosquitos tend to lay their eggs so having your pool running will aid in your mosquito no-breeding efforts. Do make sure that your pool filters are in tip-top shape and for any pool repairs in Katy contact Katy Swimming Pool Services.

Pool Cleaning in Katy

One frequent misconception is that chlorine will kill mosquito larva, this alone will not however a thoroughly cleaned pool with balanced water, will hinder their growth and stop your pool from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitos. One way to do this is to keep your skimmer and pool free from debris. When leave and other gunk floats to the surface of the water this is an ideal place for mosquitoes to hatch their eggs. Also, before mosquito season arrives you want to scrub your pool walls and vacuum the surface. Do you need help keeping up with your pool cleaning? Call Katy Swimming Pool Services today at 281-392-6821 and we will create a plan to keep your pool pristine clean and develop a plan to make sure your pool and backyard is not invaded by these pests.

How to get rid of mosquitoes

Once you have made sure your pol is not a mosquito breeding ground you want to get rid of the female mosquitos that feed on your swimmers. The only way to maintain a mosquito-free zone is to rid your backyard of all the mosquitos you have no matter what stage of life they may be in.

Larvicide and Adulticide

We recommend using both a larvicide and an adulticide in our hot and humid climate. The larvicide's intended purpose is to kill the pupae and larvae and the adulticides kill the bloodsuckers also known as adult mosquitos. In addition to pesticides, pool owners may want to consider using a pool dunk that you can pick up at any local hardware store that was created just for pool owners. If you want a more natural way you may consider using citronella candles. Placing several candles around your pool works wonders. But during mosquito season you want to try to avoid swimming at dusk as this seems to be their favorite time of day.

Mosquito Repelling Plants.

There are many plants that mosquitos avoid these include catnip, sage bush, lemongrass, and vanilla leaves. Planting these around your pool will act as a mosquito repellant and add a unique touch to your backyard oasis.

Removing Standing Water

Any water beside the water in your swimming pool needs to be removed this includes emptying buckets, kiddie pools, and other areas where water is still. Once the water is dumped consider spraying to make a dent in the mosquito population.

Who To Call for Help if you have mosquitos

In Katy we have a weekly service for mosquito control, generally May through October the city does a weekly spray service Monday- Thursday, if you have questions about Katy mosquito control you can contact the city via email at publicworksinfo@cityof

For help with your pool including Katy pool repairs such as timers and filter or for weekly cleaning services in Katy contact us. Katy Swimming Pool Services will help keep your backyard from becoming a mosquito haven and ensure that you get to enjoy your summer free from pests.

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