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Help My Houston Pool is Losing Water!

Pool leak detection services & Pool Repairs in Houston

This is one of the most frequent and frantic phone calls we receive from customers " Help, my pool is loosing water and my water bill is..." does your pool feel like it been processed by a magician who trick is to make your pool water disappear? While this is no laughing matter but poses a serious problem their is a solution and we are it! At Katy Swimming pool services we help homeowners all around the greater Houston area by pinpointing where the leak is and repairing it correctly. In this blog for DIY Pool Owners we will share how you can determine if your pool has a leak and what to do about it so lets dive in!

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Houston Best Pool Leak Detection & Repair Service

Reason # 1 Your pool may be losing water because of evaporation

During the summer months you may notice more than average the pool magician arriving more frequent. One moment the water is to the fill line- the next its not. Many first time pool owners are shocked to see how much pool water evaporates from a pool. Generally you can expect to loose 2 to 4 inches of water every week as temperatures heat up, this means on a annual basis you will have about 30,000 gallons if not more lost due to evaporation. The good news is that due to Houston rainy season you will gain some of the water back into your pool but if you are adding more water than normal you may want to do a bucket test to determine if your pool does in fact have a leak. One thing to keep in mind if you notice a pool leak in you do not want to drain your pool. Without having water in the pool its hard for a pool leak detection service in Houston such as Katy Swimming pool services to pin point or repair where the leak is coming from. To make sure before hiring a pool leak detection service in Houston arrives there is plenty of water in your pool.

Reason # 2- Your Pool may be losing water because you do not have it covered.

Houston heat wave requires that smart pool owners have a solar cover that protects your pool from our muggy climate and powerful UV rays. While you may have landscaping around the pool to aid in shading the pool think of where all those leaves and twigs end up. The best way to avoid losing water is to have a pool cover t make sure the pools protected. If you do have a cover but are still noticing more water loss than normal you want to consult a pool detection specialist in Houston who can quickly resolve the issue and help you save money on your water bill. If you are still unsure if you have a pool leak, then consider doing a dye test to determine if there is a leak. While you may be filling up your pool every 7 to 10 days imagine having to do it more often what will happen to that water bill. This is where a pool detection service in Houston can really be worth their weight in gold.

Why does my pool leak?

There are a few reasons why pools leak but the main culprit is generally the pool was improperly installed meaning that they used the wrong pump or motor for your size of pool r didn’t use the top-of-the-line equipment, they may also have installed fitting or other accessories around the pool improperly that can lead to water leaks. If your pool were older and has a leak it could be because of the wear and tear on the pool so it may be time if you have frequent water leaks to consider having your older pool remodeling. Another reason for pool leaks is the ground could have shifted breaking the plumbing underneath the pool deck. Whatever the reason your pool is leaking if you need a pool leak specialist in Houston who can quickly pin point the problem and get your pool back to normal swimming condition call Katy Swimming Pool leak detection service for a hassle-free quote.

How to Know if your Pool Has A Leak ?

There are a few ways you can determine if your pool has a leak before enlisting a pool detection service in Houston. One of the ways is preforming daily water checks. This can be done with a water test kit or strips and estimate show that one in twenty pools have a water leak severe enough that it will appear. You can also do a dye test. You want to make sure there is plenty of water in the pool and that the bottom of your pool is squishy before placing the dye around the pool to find a water leak. Because the dye is heavier than water the dye will be sucked into the crack or fissure where the leak is. There are many dyes on the market but the cheapest is to head down the bakery aisle and pick up some food coloring as this will work the very same way. The last way to determine if there is a pool leak is the bucket test click here for step-by-step directions and to snag a 10% off coupon on our water leak detection services ( click here)

What to do after you verify a leak?

Once you have verified you have a pool leak or if you suspect a pool leak but are having trouble assessing it as this can be tricky for most novice pool owners or if you need pool repairs you want to call a reliable and reputable pool company in Houston who can quickly and effectively solve the issue. Katy Swimming Pool Services is licensed and certified and offers both pool leak detection services in Houston as well as minor and major pool repairs. We stand behind our work with a 3 -year guarantee. Call us today for an honest and fair price.

How much does leak repairs cost?

This is a moving target because without seeing a pool and knowing the extent of the issue its hard to provide you with an exact price. Our leak detection services in Houston start around $500.00 to diagnose the issue, we work very hard to keep our prices competitive with other pool leak detection services in Houston, if you find a lower price, we can often price match it as long a their offering the same comprehensive services that we provide. When you call we will find a convenient time for us to come out generally we can handle same day or next day request and when you work with us you can rest your pool is in the best of hands as not only are we a pool company but we are pool owners ourselves and will treat your pool with the same TLC we do our own. We look forward to working with you and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call 281-392-6821

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