Is it Cheaper to Clean Your Own Pool?

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DIY Pool Maintenance vs Hiring a Pool Company

When I moved into my home over a decade ago, I became a proud pool owner, well sort of. I inherited a green pool that our family couldn’t swim in, so I thought Id save myself some money and learn all about testing water chemistry, shocking the pool and cleaning grime off the floors, sides and pool surface and skimming the debris all while saving a few dollars, but time- weekends off were gone. In fact, I spent so much time trying to revive my pool that I took classes and started a pool business, this is how Katy Swimming Pool Services began in August of 2010. Is it cheaper to clean your own pool? This can best be answered by which more assign more value to, more money or more time and freedom? Lets compare the two and you decide which is best for you, your family lifestyle and your pocketbook.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Own Pool

The biggest benefit of cleaning your pool is pride in the ownership and maintenance of your pool, much like hiring a lawn service- we can all go mow our own grass and its much simpler to operate a lawn mower than it is to maintain a swimming pool and if you do a poor job on the yard, no worries it will grow back but if you mess up the pool chemicals you can face structural damages, expensive repairs that stretch beyond the capabilities of a do it yourself and keep you out of the pool more than in it. When most people buy a pool its for one of two reasons unless like our family who inherited the pool you seek to have a pool built to ether provide quality family TIME or Relaxation and if you have been cleaning and maintaining your own pool then you know this drastically reduces both. The only reason most people maintain and clean their own pools comes down to dollars and cents but if your looking at $100 a month or $1200 for the year what would you spend if you get it wrong and what about the time spent? If money is time, then are you really saving anything at all when you hire a professional? Chances are your not! If you do decide that maintaining your own pol for the sake of ownership is important to you then consider investing at least some money in pool school.

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Pool School for Smart Pool Owners

When you have a new pool installed and decide to go the DIY route then spending an hour or an afternoon leaning all you need to know about your pool is a great investment of a Saturday afternoon. During this 2- or 4-hour class your instructor will teach you such things as how to perfectly balance the pool water by adding chlorine, adjusting your pH, and alkalinity perimeters in addition to operating the pools equipment in an effort to save you from making common novice mistakes that will make your pool unhealthy and unusable. We strongly encourage everyone in your household to attend pool school to know how to do their part. If later, you do decide that maintaining your pool is too much work you will have the knowledge so that you never fall prey to a dishonest pool company. While we generally believe that most pool guys are hardworking, honest men there is always a few bad apples who may try to push you into costly upgrades or charges questionable fees. However if spending your Saturday cleaning dirt and grime off the pools surface and walls, or emptying skimmer baskets and testing water samples does not sound like the fun you envisioned when having a pool installed then perhaps you should consider finding a reputable swimming pool company who can save you time and money.

The Benefits of Hiring a Pool Company

For many pool owners hiring a pool cleaning company isn’t a luxury but a necessity. If you simply lack the time for tedious task that are required of a pool owner, then you want to find a reputable pool cleaning company that has the skillset and knowledgeable to keep your pool is pristine condition. Outsourcing your pool maintenance may seem like an overwhelming process…

Who can you trust?

Who will not rip you off or skip appointments?

Who will show up on time, do a good job and charge a reasonable rate?

If your looking for a pool company in Katy TX we highly recommend giving us a call at Katy Swimming Pool Services. We understand how to properly maintain your pool to save you money from larger and more costly repairs and in the event, you do need pool repairs we offer this as well. We offer three different packages so you can find the right service at a price that aligns with your budget. When you work with our pool cleaning company in the greater Houston area you can relax in your swimming pool knowing your pool is in the trusted hands of a true pool professional

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