Katy Swimming Pool Services

Call or Email for Appointment and Complimentary Assessment 
Office: 281-392-6821 Technician: 832-875-5880
email: katyswimmingpoolservices.com

Professional, Courteous and Reliable Service !

Monthly Service * Hot Shot Pool Treatment * Chemical Balancing * Filter Cleaning
Sand, DE, Cartridge * Pressure Washing Decks & Tiles
Chemicals Included with Monthly Service.  
Monthly service rates *
We test your water, brush, vacuum, balance chemicals for your pool

We inspect your sand, DE and Cartridge filters.
We inspect pumps and do minor repairs

We give you Professonal, Speedy, Reliable and Courteous Service !

Ask about customized SPA intallation by Sunbelt Spas !
Discounts through Katy Swimming Pool Services !

Proudly certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation

We too are homeowners with pools. At Katy Swimming Pool Services, we know how
much work it is to properly maintain chemical balance in your pool and keeping

your water looking crystal clear all season long! Even during the winter months, if

you don't close your pool, we'll maintain it for you ! 

We excel at quick reliable and courteous customer service.



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